Star Jones comes back home to Court TV

The embattled member of the fractious "The View", attorney Star Jones Reynolds has come back to the place where she kicked off her television career some 15 years ago.</P> <P>The Brooklyn assistant district attorney has inked a deal with Court TV to host her own live daytime legal show, reports The New York Daily News.</P> <P>"I started my television career [at Court TV] 15 years ago, not as a paid person," Jones said to the Daily News. "I was never paid. Isn’t that funny? I was the first volunteer commentator."</P> <P>"This is the perfect time when law and justice and entertainment and pop culture have just converged on each other," she said. "Because of my background right there in New York as well as all the things I’ve had the opportunity to do over the last 15 years in television, it’s the perfect mix."</P> <P>The live show, she continued "is going to bring all of my experience to bear on the thing that Court TV can do in its sleep."</P> <P>Jones Reynolds told the Daily News she doesn’t watch "The View" much anymore.</P> <P>"I keep up obviously," she said. "It’s something I was a part of for nine years. But I’m going to be real busy pretty soon."</P> <P>"This is a really great new page and a new chapter for me," she added. "I want to wish them well in what they’re doing. And I hope they wish me well." </P>Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.

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