St. Louis Roman Catholic archbishop has a problem with Sheryl Crow

St. Louis Roman Catholic archbishop Raymond Burke has resigned for his post as head of a children’s medical charity due to his personal opinion that singer Sheryl Crow (who is a featured performer for a benefit concert) is “a high profile proponent of the destruction of innocent lives.

Burke stepped down as the chairman of the Cardinal Glennon Children’s Foundation following a conflict with its board of governors concerning his belief that Crow should be removed from the planned lineup for the concert on Saturday in St. Louis.

In a statement on Wednesday, Burke described Crow as “well-known as an abortion activist” and a supporter of stem cell research. He also took issue with the singer’s appearance and described it as “an affront to the identity and mission of the medical center, dedicated as it is to the service of life and Christ’s healing mission.”

Bruke is a well known conservative and he also took issue Democratic candidate        John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign due to his views on abortion. Burke stated Kerry should be denied communion because of his views on the subject.

The archdiocese released a “fact sheet” concerning the singer’s various views and how the Catholic Catechism determines the views to be “an attitude or behavior which leads another to evil.”

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