Spring Break 2014 Allstar Essentials For Glowing Gleamy Tanned Skin

14th March 2014 by
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It’s nearly here, Spring Break, that moment you have been starving and working out for. A chance to blow off steam and meet a hot guy or girl and show off in your new swimsuit.

Spring Break is all about planning, how to look your best in little clothing. feel sexy and confident and hopefully meet someone memorable. Or at the very least kissable.

Monsters and Critics was sent an array of sun products to try and review. Our criteria is simple: We like “Made it the USA” cosmetics and skincare/sun-care and the products must be paraben free, cruelty free and perform and do what it claims.

gleam sexy skin

Ready to get gorgeous? Take us shopping with you:


Australian Gold 30 Lotion Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 with Instant Bronzer

Australian Gold Lotion Kona Bronzers - SPF 30Why we liked it: The smell is addictive, a weirdly compelling coffee clean edible bubblegum scent. Kona bronzers add a little oomph to the skin while you tan safely. The SPF is high but still allows you to get some color.  The creamy bronzed potion is no self tanner, but gives a delicious rich hint of color upon application.

The sunscreen has Kakadu plum extract with loads of vitamin C infused in the formula and provides a Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB protection. It is also water resistant for 80 minutes and must be applied 15 minutes before you hit the sun. Reapply this every two hours or after rigorous swimming and activity.AND for 8 ounces it is under $8. Nice.

Hello Kitty By Australian Gold SPF Lotions


Why we liked it: Hello Kitty! Who outgrows this? Not us. The formula we tested was actually the SPF 45, a fragrance-free lightweight cream that is made for the face, neck, hands and kids of course.  This is the safe and gentle line of sunscreens for the sensitive skins and those who want to make sure their faces don’t get thrashed by too much sun.

Japanese Yomogi extract combines with Chinese Butterfly Bush extract creating sun protecting qualities to deliver a PABA free UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum hypoallergenic potion for the people who want to be out in the sun but with a little more “armor” from sun damage. The SPF 45 which we tried is specially made for faces and is fragrance free.  Under $9.

Australian Gold Moisture Lock Tan Extender – 16 ounces Pump Dispenser

Australian Gold Moisture Lock Tan Extender - 16 ounces Pump Dispenser

Why we liked it: #1 Fragrance means it also has that compellingly crazy, clean bubblegum and hint of coffee scent we really love, but it fades fast and does not clash with your fragrance.  This is a pure hydrating moisturizer enriched with aloe and vitamin E and Aussie botanicals with no mineral oils, parabens, sulfates or anything harmful to the skin.

This is a lotion for the face and body packed with vital moisture and nutrients that preserves a real or a spray tan beautifully. Moisturized skin tans better and stays tan longer.   You get a lot of product for under $9. Made in the USA.

Self Tanners

Fake Bake Flawless

fake bake

Why we liked it: We always love Fake Bake! Of all the self tanners you can buy, this one nails it for color, lack of weird smell,  lasting quality and value.  This great smelling product is not a “one-size-fits-all” kind of self tanner and it works with your natural skin and undertones to create a beautiful, natural looking tan. And the best part is, you can make your tan as dark or natural as you want. Fake Bake Flawless really is the best sunless tanner (we have tried them all). The liquid develops into a wonderful brown shade, never orange.  The application mitt is brilliant and you lightly buff the product on. Caveat is to make sure you wash the the mitt after each usage.


To get that perfect tan before you hit the beach: Shave, exfoliate. Apply Flawless solution as per the directions, using the gloves and the mitt, spraying on the mitt and then gently buffing the color all over.  The Fake Bake Flawless system is well-priced and if you want a deep, dark tan, you’ll need to apply it a few nights in a row.  Bonus Intel: Fake Bake makes a travel kit and travel  size of the Flawless system! Rejoice my pale readers!

Skin Finishers and Makeup

Jane Iredale In Touch Highlights in Comfort


Why we liked it: Teeny, tiny, packable (about 2 inches tall)  and not greasy this little stick of enlivening glow is a discreet but lovely way to turn on the lights on your face. I love that it’s a dry cream that glides on silken and dries down to a powder.  The color Comfort is a coral pink salmon pink that works on just about everyone.  May be applied to highlight desired areas of the face such as the tops of cheekbones, brow bones and the bridge of the nose. ($28)

Jane Iredale Golden Girl Purepressed EyeShadow in Golden Girl


Why we liked it: If there was ever a shadow trio MADE for Spring Break, this is it. Highly neutral but present and sexy, this warm palette of browns  and gold is sexy and a fabulous choice for a more golden gleamy skin kissed by the sun. Jane Iredale shadows are highly pigmented and easy to blend, sensitivity-tested, and they stay put for gorgeous, crease-free, long-lasting eye color. Gentle, safe for sensitive eyes and formulated with good-for-the-skin ingredients Crease-resistant and long-lasting velvet finish. May be applied wet or dry to compliment any look Great for shading, highlighting, contouring and lining. We loved this collection. ($28)

Laura Mercier Lip Glacé in Tuliptulip

Why we liked it: A lighter weight gloss, Lip Glacé boasts 13 new shades for 26 Shades Total. Tulip is one of them. This color is a universal winner, regardless if you are a pale redhead or a deep skinned beauty from Trinidad. A perfectly pigmented lip gloss with rich, long-lasting color and brilliant shine that wears well and is perfect for a Spring Break makeup bag. ($25)

Gleam Body Radiance and Gleam Radiant Dust (in Four Shades)

Gleam 3 Sizes Tubes shotWhy we liked it:  We saved the best for last.  There is nothing you can buy that delivers a finish like Gleam By Melanie Mills, nothing. Scott Barnes’ Body Bling? Please. This is body makeup that can be worn anywhere and transforms uneven spray tans into luminous velvet perfection. Invented on the set of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ to fix the uneven spray tans the cast were subjected to weekly, this product is made for all skin, regardless of coloring.


The Body Radiance is a dense cream that is applied in generous dollops on legs, arms and all over. Many pro artists mix this into foundation for a” lit from within” look.

First lady Michelle Obama is rumored to be a huge fan of it and Jennifer Lopez uses it too, along with most of Hollywood A-Listers in the know. If you have never tried it, make sure you pack this in your Spring Break bag of tricks. You will wonder why you were ever without it.

sexy summer skin

The Radiant Dust is a powder version of the Body Radiance that can be worn as eyeshadow, blush/bronzer and pops the skin, meant to be applied with their absolutely stunning Face & Body Brush.

Radiant Dust Component with Swatches

The Oscars recently saw many stars wearing it on the red carpet, and Bette Midler’s makeup artist even tweeted about it: