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Oscar De La Hoya vs Steve Forbes live on HBO

By Stone Martindale May 4, 2008, 6:58 GMT

Oscar De La Hoya vs Steve Forbes live on HBO

02/28/2008 - Steve Forbes - Oscar de la Hoya and Steve Forbes Announce "Homecoming" HBO World Championship Boxing Match - Press Conference - Nokia Theatre - New York City, NY, USA © Janet Mayer / PR Photos

A long and methodical fight tonight between cautious Oscar de la Hoya, and Steve Forbes.

The two middleweights are live from Home Depot center in Carson California, where celebrities such as Sylvester Stallonem Brooke Shields, the cast of "Entourage" and many others have turned out onthe balmy California night to watch the 12-round fight broadcast live on HBO.

So far it has been a workout for Goldenboy De La Hoya’s and build up for the anticipated rematch with Floyd Mayweather Jr. set for September 20th in Las Vegas on PPV.

Forbes odds by some Las Vegas sports books are 18 to 1.

Steve Forbes, 30, has never faced a fighter in the league of Oscar De La Hoya, 38-5, 30 KO’s, but De La Hoya still has great power.

Both so far are plodding away in the six round, now De La Hoya starts to wail on Forbes in a flurry of punches.

The 5’7” Forbes is squaring off against the 5’10” De La Hoya.

De La Hoya is focsing more on power punches. Forbes just got hurt in the 6th round.

Five rounds to one says Harold Lederman so far.

Round seven delivers good upper cut by De La Hoya, again he is doing a good job of blocking Forbes jabs.  Oscar has learned this technique from Mayweather Sr. according to Lampley.  Oscar is pummeling him now, best combinations of the night so far pinning Forbes against the ropes.  Round seven was a good one.  Oscar's wife Millie is Puerto Rican and Lampley says he won't fight another Puerto Rican, but that may change.

Round eight has Larry Merchant saying Forbes "ain't no Floyd Mayweather."  Forbes is on the defensive becasue he is getting hurt. he did deliver a left upper cut right to De La Hoya's eye socket, Emanuel Stewart commented that had to hurt Oscar.

Round nine sees Oscar energized a bit more, De la Hoya landing hooks and jabs, he is pressuring him against the ropes again.

89 to 82, 8 rounds to 1, says Lederman.  What a voice he has.

Oscar got caught a few times in round 10. Oscar is starting to hit harder too, he looks looser says Lampley, and now Oscar comes alive. Forbes rallies back, catches him with a left. Good round.

Round eleven, Lampley reiterates ths is not a title fight. Forbes gets in some body shots, so does Oscar, Lampley says he is trying to fight the ghosts of so many lost later rounds, De La Hoya is looking to finish Forbes off.  Oscar is measuring him for a knock out punch.  Forbes is a tough guy, he has taken a lot of shots.

Lampley says "its a heck of a good sparring session" for Oscar.

Round twelve, crowd is cheering. De la Hoya looking for the 39th win inhis career.  Emanuel says the odds for the upcomming Mayweather fight are going to change. Oscar is looking good.  Oscar's left handed body shot knocked Forbes back five feet. Ten seconds...Oscar comes in for the kill, Forbes fights back.

Lampley now says there will be more drama in September than there was a year ago.

The judges will have their decision, Lampley says they are inexperienced. De Luca, Rosales, and Sammon are the three judges. Buffer says the winner is

DeLuca and Sammon 119-109

Rosales 120-108

HBO's Harold Lederman scores it 119-109

Winner is Golden Boy De La Hoya.





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