Spike Lee and his brother squabble in tabloids

Director Spike Lee’s brother Christopher is fuming over an alleged piece of property the director, according to his angry brother, is holding up the sale of.  Christopher claims he is legally entitled to sell to avoid eviction.

Christopher claims to the National Enquirer he that he has been forced to go on the dole and is being thrown out of his Brooklyn, New York apartment because his brother refuses to help him out with money.

Allegedly Spike is controlling the rights to a valuable piece of land set aside by their grandmother, which was to be divided equally among the five Lee kids.

Said Christopher, “I asked him…advance me the value of the land, bro.” He says Spike replied, “I’m not giving you a dime.”

Spike retorted to the published Enquirer story:  “My brother’s statements to the Enquirer are falsehoods. Nonetheless, my siblings and I still love him. I’m not the first nor will I be the last public figure who will be accused by a sibling of not doing enough. My question is, ‘When is enough enough?'”

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