Special Olympics praises The Ringer

In a wildly unexpected move, The Special Olympics has gone on the record to endorse ‘The Ringer’, a movie about a man impersonating a mentally handicapped person to win the Special Olympics’ events.

Variety says they’re actually encouraging people to go out and see the movie, a film produced by the typically raunchy, irreverent, sometimes cruel Farrelly Brothers and starring the typically even raunchier, even more irreverent, and sometimes downright brutal Johnny Knoxville. On their official site, The Special Olympics has this to say: “Mark your calendars for 23 December and join in the fun by taking some time out to visit your local theater and see The Ringer.” They’re not just OK with it, they’re flat out marketing for it! ” The Ringer spikes the uproarious with the uplifting,” they say.

But wait, isn’t this a movie that makes fun of retarded people? Not so says Special Olympics Chairman Tim Shriver. “Humor can be a very effective way to reach young people and the Farrellys are masters of both.” But the positive reactions don’t stop there, Special Olympics athlete Eddie Barbanell adds, ” This movie does not mock people with intellectual disabilities. When you see this movie, laugh with us, not at us. See us as human beings and people just like you and watch us showcase our talents.”

Have the Farrellys gone soft, or do the folks at The Special Olympics just have a fantastic, refreshing sense of humor? I’m inclined to believe the latter.

‘The Ringer’ hits theaters this December… for awards consideration no doubt. Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.