Spears takes to the stage for the first time in three years

Pop diva and tabloid queen Britney Spears got back to her musical roots on Tuesday when she appeared at the House of Blues. The short set was the first time the singer had performed for an audience in three years.

Spears, 25 and a mother of two, hit the House of Blues stage sporting knee-high boots, a short skirt and a pink bra top. She was also said to be wearing a brown wig. The short set list included the Spears classic “Baby One More Time.”

The songs were performed at a fast pace and the set only lasted about 15 minutes. Spears waved to the crowd as she left the stage and thanked them all for coming out to see her.

Although many in the crowd were said to be happy with the performance, others reported feeling letdown by the quick routine. One fan stated Spears appeared to be lip-synching the entire show.

The short concert was kept quiet (The club marquee advertised a performance by “The M&Ms”) and Spears’ name wasn’t even mentioned until an hour after the club opened.

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