Spears Sued by Songwriter

Songwriter Steve Wallace is suing Britney Spears claiming to have penned the song “Sometimes” which appears on Spears 1999 album Baby One More Time and last year’s release Greatest Hits: My Prerogative.

Wallace claims he wrote the song in 1990 and actually placed the lyrics in a sealed envelope and mailed it to himself to obtain a dated postmark, which is known as a ‘poor man’s copyright’.  Court documents, filed in federal court on May 5, 2005, state that he did not formerly copyright the song until 2003.  Spears obtained a U.S. Copyright for the song on January 22, 1999.

Wallace claims he shopped the song to publishers in 1994 and entered it into a Pennsylvania lyrics contest in 1997.  He is trying to settle the case out of court and wants recognition and payment beyond $150,000 for each instance his copyright was infringed.

Spears’ attorneys replied with a document denying Wallace’s claim and Spears’ Reps referred calls to her label, Sony/BMG, who had no comment on the lawsuit.

Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.

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