Soup For You! When Juicing Goes Warmer And Works Wonders RECIPES

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Juicing, cold press style and all sorts of veggie “shot” concoctions are white hot, But not everyone loves to drink cold Kale and Spinach green juice.

There’s a trend now to keep it raw (under 115 degrees) but combine savory vegetables with spices and garlic to create a raw soup- one you can sub out for a juice. The upside? Psychologically you feel like you are having more of a meal instead of a replacement, and the flavors mesh better and become less of an endurance gulp and more of an enjoyable eating experience.

Read to cleanse and lighten up your game with soup? First make sure you have the right juicer.


The Champion Juicer is best because the end result is a more beefy, masticated juice with way more fiber than a centrifugal Breville juicer. And the net product is not hot (breaking down enzymes and vitamins) unlike other juicers.

Follow the six-day plan outlined below from Champion’s nutrition team and notice how great you feel after completing the Be Your Own Champion Soup Cleanse!

Day 1 and 2:
The Green Kitchen Sink Soup

green soup 2 cropped
© Dana Johnson, Recipe Developer at Champion Juicer OR © Champion Juicer

1 small broccoli crown
1 medium chayote squash
½ lb. Brussels sprouts
2 c. turnip greens
2 c. spinach
2 c. collard greens
2 c. chard (green, red, or rainbow)
1 c. kale
1 c. arugula
32 oz. vegetable broth or water
5 peeled garlic cloves pieces
½ c. Italian parsley
10 sprigs of fresh thyme

Steam the broccoli, squash, & Brussels sprouts until tender. Using the blank or emulsifier attachment plate, feed all ingredients (except the vegetable broth or water), alternating steamed veggies and leafy ones, as this helps to ease the foods through the emulsifier tube. Add the puree to a soup pot and stir in the vegetable broth or water. Simmer gently for 30 minutes. If not using for a soup cleanse, consider adding cook whole grain pasta, brown rice, and/or any lean meat like chicken breast or pork tenderloin.

Nutritionist-Backed Benefits:
Provided by Melissa Halas-Liang, MA, RDN, CDE, the nutritionist for Champion Juicer says:

Most Americans don’t eat enough green foods, so starting the cleanse with the “Make it Green” soup will sure kick start your health! After two days of green soup, you may start to re-evaluate just how much green you’ve been including in your diet.

Green foods are good for your whole body! Many green foods enhance your body’s natural daily detoxification. For example, broccoli, a cruciferous vegetable, contains dithiolethiones, which enhance the detoxification of harmful substances our bodies are exposed to –including unhealthy foods and environmental toxins. Broccoli also contains lignans –which help support good immune health during cold season. By boosting your intake of cruciferous vegetables, you can boost your body’s ability to detoxify, and boost your immune system with the benefits of fruits, vegetables, and herbs!

Spinach, another main ingredient in this soup, is also important in the last days of winter. It helps neutralize free radicals, which damage your body’s cells! The beta-carotene in spinach also strengthens cellular antioxidant defenses to reduce oxidative stress. Spinach helps support eye health and provides magnesium, which many Americans fall short on. Adequate magnesium from foods may play a role in preventing insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes, so eat up!

Kale is another amazing nutrient-dense food. It is an excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium. Vitamin A supports cell growth and helps with normal functions of the heart, lungs, kidneys, and other organs. It also contains calcium, which is essential to keep your bones strong! Plus, kale contains powerful plant compounds – like indoles – which can protect cells from DNA damage, inactivate cancer causing compounds, and may even stop some types of tumors from forming.

Thought the health benefits just came from the greens? Think again! Another soup ingredient, garlic, contains a chemical called allium, which is known to protect against stomach cancer, and may also help lower colon cancer risk! Plus, in animal studies, allium has been shown to slow down the development of breast, esophageal, and lung cancers. Fresh or dried thyme may help you from getting sick due to its anti-microbial properties, and fresh parsley is surprisingly rich in vitamin A and potassium. It also contains flavonoids that fight inflammation and stop cancer cells.

Essentially, anything green is a super food! Choose organic spinach and kale whenever possible, since they are included on the Environmental Working Group’s “Dirty Dozen” list, indicating high levels of pesticide residue. You don’t want to limit the soup’s cleansing abilities by adding too many pesticides!

Day 3 and 4:
Turmeric Your Health Around Soup
Lentil soup in a wooden dish

2 lbs carrots, washed & trimmed, with skin on
2 medium sized turnips, ends trimmed
1 inch fresh ginger root, peeled
1 medium orange
½ medium lemon
½ medium lime
32 oz. vegetable broth or water
1 tbsp. ground turmeric
2 tsp. ground black pepper

Cut the carrots and turnips into pieces that will fit inside the funnel of the juicer. Steam the vegetables and ginger root until tender, then homogenize with the blank screen or homogenizer. Next, change to the screen attachment, and juice the orange, lemon, and lime, leaving peels on. Combine the homogenized ingredients with the citrus juice (discarding juice pulp) in a medium soup pot. Add vegetable broth and/or water, turmeric, and black pepper. Cover and simmer fo 30 minutes. If not using as a soup cleanse, consider adding cooked whole grain pasta or brown rice for a heartier soup.

Nutritionist-Backed Benefits:
Provided by Melissa Halas-Liang, MA, RDN, CDE, the nutritionist for Champion Juicer says:

Green and orange fruits and vegetables are chock full of nutrition! Everyone should try to include these colors in their diet every day. This soup makes it easy to stock up on both.

Carrots, one of the main ingredients of this soup, are an excellent source of beta-carotene and provide fiber, potassium, vitamin B6, and vitamin C. Eating more carrots is good for your heart, and may even lower your risk of heart attack if you eat them every day! Don’t limit your self to orange carrots –try purple and yellow too. Sometimes carrots get a bad rap because of their high glycemic index. Don’t be fooled –the carotenoids found in carrots may actually make insulin (which helps regulate blood sugar) more effective. Plus, people don’t typically eat them in large enough amounts to affect blood glucose levels.

Oranges contain carotenoids, which your body turns into vitamin A. Vitamin A is important for healthy skin, eyes, and immune function, which is super important during cold winter weather. Plus, oranges are jam packed with vitamin C, which neutralizes free radicals that can damage your cells. Make sure to include some of the white fibrous layer – as it may help curb or suppress hunger levels.

The two main spices in this soup, ginger and turmeric, are excellent health boosters. Ginger root is well known for improving digestion, but it also has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties. You’ll want this immunity boost to keep you up and running when Spring approaches! Turmeric (a main ingredient in curry powder) is related to ginger, and also has anti-inflammatory properties. This super-food helps inhibit the growth of cancer cells and also reduces the accumulation of beta-amyloid plaques in the brain, which are associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Sip this warming, comforting soup and feel great about the abundance of nutrients you are providing for your body.

Day 5 and 6:
Un-beet-lievable Fruit Soup
(serve cold, warm or hot)
© Dana Johnson, Recipe Developer at Champion Juicer OR © Champion Juicer

red beet cream soup

1 personal-sized watermelon, cubed (do not use rind)
2 16oz. baskets of strawberries, washed & hulled
2 c. beets, steamed or 2 16oz. cans sliced beets, drained
2 medium sized pears, trimmed & seeds removed
2 c. fresh spinach

Put all ingredients through the Champion Juicer’s emulsifier or blank screen, alternating the juicy watermelon with the other ingredients. Transfer the ingredients to a soup pot, bring to a quick boil, then remove from heat and refrigerate for at least one hour. Serve cold. If this soup is not being used as a cleanse, it is delicious mixed with yogurt or frozen yogurt for dessert and topped with granola!

Nutritionist-Backed Benefits:
Provided by Melissa Halas-Liang, MA, RDN, CDE, the nutritionist for Champion Juicer says:

By the end of the soup cleanse, you may desire a change of pace from warm soups at every meal. What a treat to switch to this sweet, refreshing soup! This fruit-based soup is loaded with vitamin C to help you keep your immune system strong the last few weeks of winter. It contains heart-healthy beets that provide folate, potassium, and antioxidants! Pears, when included as part of a diet that includes many fruits and vegetables, may help with weight management. Pears also have phenolic acids, which help reduce oxidative damage throughout the body.

Two other red juicy fruits, watermelon and strawberries, also pack powerful health benefits. Watermelon is a high-volume, nutrient-dense, low-calorie food with a ton of flavor! It helps hydrate you and keep you feeling fresh. Strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin C, even more so than oranges! They are packed with phenolics and antioxidants and have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Emerging research shows they may protect against both heart disease and cancer. Make sure you wait to wash them until you’re ready to eat them – it will help them keep longer.

Save or print these recipes and participate in the Champion Soup Cleanse to naturally reset your body and shed excess winter weight before the arrival of Spring!