Soundtrack Review: When a Stranger Calls

James Dooley makes his solo feature debut with his score to the slim remake of When a Stranger Calls, the 1979 horror film about a babysitter being stalked. The first film was less than stellar, and its remake, which flattens out the movie’s first scene into one feature-length stretch, is even less rewarding.

But Dooley does, if one will allow the pun, hit all the right notes. The string-heavy soundtrack establishes an ominous sense of danger. “Curtain Call,” “Fateful Drive,” and “Have You Checked the Children” all employ variations on string themes and use some light piano tunes to add extra chills.

Clearly Dooley learned well when he scored The Ring. Surprisingly, the soundtrack is almost as long as the film itself, at nearly an hour. After listening to enough of it, the film cannot help but feel a little redundant. I would suggest skipping around, but in addition to the tracks mentioned, I would also recommend “Hunting Jill” and “Stranger.”

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