Soundtrack Review: Philip Sheppard – ‘In the Shadow of the Moon’

We really don’t go there anymore, but in the late 1960s we were rushing to get to the moon.  In the Shadow of the Moon is a documentary about our manned missions to the lunar body and covers the 1960s till the 1970s. 

It takes NASA films and materials, some never before seen until now, and media of the day to portray the missions.  They also add contemporary interviews with some of the Apollo era astronauts, including Al Bean, Michael Collins, Buzz Aldrin, Charlie Duke, and Harrison Schmidt.  Everything has been remastered in high definition so the images are truly breathtaking. 

Such and epic journey and documentary is in need of an epic soundtrack and Philip Sheppard steps up to the launching pad and delivers one.  The score starts off in near silence (to simulate space methinks) and you have to wonder if you’ve forgotten to hit play when the music begins. 

The score is as awe inspiring as the journey and Sheppard deserves high praise.  It has all the majesty that is required of such an epic journey into the unknown. 

A truly wonderful score that fans of the film, space travel aficionados or just the casual listener can greatly enjoy. 

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