Soundtrack Review: John Frizzell – ‘The Reaping’

The Reaping is a horror film about the strange goings-on in the small town of Haven.  Seems the biblical plagues from the bible are recurring in the town and a strange girl (AnnaSophia Robb) has shown up and is appearing around town.  Father Costigan (Stephen Rea) calls in paranormal investigator Katherine Winters (Hilary Swank). 

Winters has been able to debunk all of the miracles that she’s investigated, but might find some difficulty in this case.  Winters is a former missionary whose family was killed and she has lost her faith in God.  I’ll admit that I haven’t watched the reaping, but the trailer reminded me of another film that used a great deal of locusts – The Exorcist II and that’s not a good sign. 

However, I come here to review Frizzell’s soundtrack and not the picture itself.  The music is rather good I thought and sections seem to echo the chattering of the locusts.  This being a religious themed film there’s also some good use of choral voices. 

I thought the soundtrack was pretty good, but if the movie isn’t too good (judging from the reviews) then it might not cause you to seek this one out.  However, I found the soundtrack appealing and well-made. 

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