Soundtrack Review: Hans Zimmer – ‘The Simpsons Movie: The Music’

The feature film debut of America’s favorite jaundiced family is only days away, but when producer Jim Brooks needed music for this summer’s most anticipated movie he called Hans Zimmer.

This film has been years in the wanting and years also in the works.  Hans Zimmer’s career is one that is without question and with quite a roster of films.  He’s the winner of an Academy Award (The Lion King), two Golden Globes (The Lion King and Gladiator), a Grammy (Crimson Tide), and numerous nominations in each of those awards.  Well doh! 

It probably helped that Zimmer scored several of Brooks’ films but who’s counting?  So how does the music for the big screen Simpsons sound?  Like a tasty, sweet sprinkle-covered donut…donut (drool). 

We begin the proceedings with a full orchestral version of the iconic “Simpsons Theme” (by Danny Elfman) and it sounds great.  “Release the Hounds” has the feel of a ‘50s beach music soundtrack, “Clap for Alaska” uses choirs to great effect, “You Doomed Us All…Again” starts off rather relaxing but morphs into a score more fit for an action/adventure extravaganza, and “Bart’s Doodle” sounds like something out of an Esther Williams movie. 

Zimmer does a good job of quoting the Simpsons theme and music that sounds like it could have been inspired by music from the show.  The last track is “Recklessly Impulsive” and features a remix of the theme music by Ryeland Allison. 

However, my favorite track has to be “Spider Pig” which is a big choir rendition of the song that my kids end up singing from the trailer.  A bit of paper in the case points you to for icons, wallpaper, and other goodies.

I really liked the soundtrack and can’t wait to see the film and put the images to the music.  Doh!

‘The Simpsons Movie: The Music’ is now available at Amazon. Visit the soundtrack database for more information.

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