Sony/BMG may give the ax to George Michael

Alleged sources at record label Sony/BMG say its executives have put out word that unless George Michael cleans up his act, he will be removed from the label.  According to This is

Michael was recently nabbed in his second arrest this year on suspicion of being unfit to drive when he was rushed to hospital after cops found him slumped over his steering wheel at traffic lights.

George, 43, was given a slap on the wrist warning for possessing cannabis just a week into his world tour.

Sony/BMG moguls say he must control his cannabis abuse and stop drawing unwanted attention to his private life as well as seeking help for his apparent addiction to the drug.

Faith singer Michael has just started a 50-date sell-out world tour, his first for 15 years, and will launch a new album commemorating 25 years in the music business next month.

Both promoters and the label have banked millions into Michael’s career relaunch.

This is reports that unnamed sources at Sony/BMG described Michael’s most recent arrest in the early hours of Sunday morning as “exasperating”.  Their well-placed source at Sony/BMG said last night: “George seems to be getting more and more unpredictable.

“He is drawing attention to himself by his increasingly erratic behavior.”

Recently caught prowling the woods of Hampstead Heath, openly gay Michael was caught cruising a jobless 58-year-old van driver he met near his home in the early hours.

The anonymous source tells This is London: “That is twice now he has been found slumped unconscious behind the wheel. He has also been photographed coming out of the woods with a grey-haired stranger in the middle of the night after some dodgy sexual encounter.

“We’re really banking on this comeback being a great success – and to be fair ticket sales have been phenomenal.

“But I’m not sure how much more of this fans can take. It is now at a point where we are going to have to warn him that he must start carrying on more responsibly or else we will have to seriously consider his future with us.”

Michael’s spokesman said to This is London: “George is fine”.

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