Sons of Darkness: A Horror Novel So Terrifying, We May Never See The Light Again!

Are you ready for a scare? A new novel by horror novelist, Lecy McKenzie Pritchett, may just be the thing to take you there. The world has been plunged into darkness, and mankind may never be the same again. Sons of Darkness; Release of the Demons (now available through AuthorHouse) is a novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat, page after chilling page.

Duncan Roberson had been a loner all his life, self centered and bitter, nothing could have prepared him for the terrifying changes that were about to come roaring his way. Befriended by three of society’s outcast, forming an alliance for the first time, Duncan reluctantly follows them on a trip to hell in a New Orleans cemetery. A demon has been released leading an army of creatures more powerful and horrifying than anything the world has ever seen. The complete domination and destruction of all humanity is their evil plan, and it is up to Duncan and his friends to make sure they fail.

Before long, Duncan finds he is in this battle alone and outnumbered, with the realization that he may have a bond to the demon that could cost him more than his life, but his very soul. There is light at the end of this nightmare, but getting there may be the unattainable goal.

This is one novel that begins in the darkness, but pray it ends in the light.

Lecy’s other books are:

A Ghostly Cry, Ghost Stories My Mother Told Me, SideTrack The Maze of Horror, and Soul Survivor The Island Of Terror.

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