‘Sons of Anarchy’ Finale Previews and Some Thoughts VIDEOS


TV Picks: Sons is ending next week, and we just posted a new “Next On” video and special content piece below.

The series finale airs next Tuesday, December 9 at 10:00 PM ET/PT only on FX.

Warning: Character and storyline spoilers ahead from “Red Rose”

“Red Rose” was Gemma (Katey Sagal) and Unser’s (Dayton Callie) fatalistic day of reckoning as Juice (Theo Rossi) finally was put down as humanely as a prison shanking can possibly go. It was a bloody precursor to Jax (Charlie Hunnam) reuniting with Abel’s mother Wendy (Drea de Matteo) in bed once again.

Currently seen in FX’s “American Horror Story: Freakshow,” former “Shield” alum Michael Chiklis is given a cameo as Milo, a truck driver who gives Gemma a ride on her pilgrimage to say goodbye to her father Nate (Hal Holbrook) in an Oregon nursing home.

This was the season of butt rape and extra lingering framed shots of lots of male ass. Now Juice is no long Tully’s (Mariyn Manson) bitch but now has to grab his ankles for the Chinese, who are now making his life hell for Lin’s murder.  They want him to kill Tully for them. Juice finally breaks and hands off a prison shiv to Tully who humanely (for prison murder) jabs him repeatedly in the jugular.

Nero (Jimmy Smits-an EMMY for him please) has a witchy sense of impending mortality for all and whisks Wendy and the two boys to his uncle’s Norco farm for a couple of days, to set up his permanent move there. Jax is supportive.  “I appreciate you looking out for my boys, Nero. It means a lot to me.” Nero is left with a knitted brow and palpable sense of doom.


Jax comes clean with Les Packer (Robert Patrick) and other SOA presidents about Jury.  Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) is left in the dark and drinking heavily.

Gaines calls for a Mr. Mayhem vote on Jax.  Meanwhile Jax parlays for the presidents to undo an unwritten SOA bylaw.

Gemma tearfully tells her father goodbye, and that he was a good father and husband, and tells him she loves him as she walks towards the door. He tells her God forgives everyone. “I hope so,” she says.  He asks her who she is,… “Gemma” she says. “She was a sweet girl. She would play in the garden for hours,” he says, recognizing her name, but not who this middle-aged woman in front of him is. “Yes, she was,” Gemma says. “Bye, Daddy.”

Instinctively Gemma knows her son will kill her as she asks to go out to the garden.  Here we see Jax stalk her from behind to kill her, lose then regain his will to commit matricide.

“I love you Jackson, from the deepest, purest part of my heart. You have to do this,” Gemma tells him. “It’s where we are, sweetheart. It’s OK, my baby boy. It’s time. I’m ready.”

Now it’s over. The calling card and main event – Gemma – is gone. For some reason in my mind I expected her to wind up like a wizened (and alone) Michael Corleone at the end of Godfather II smoking a cigarette on a waning afternoon light bench, half in the dark. Shot in pure praise for Godfather’s DP, the late Gordon Willis.

So, loose ends abound.


August Marks will want to have someone’s head on a stick.  Barosky is lethal cat with nine lives. Nero’s charge of Wendy, Abel, and Jax’s use of the John Teller’s manifesto. The Irish issues of Connor double-crossing, and SAMCRO’s task to kill him. Then the Mayhem vote is hanging over Jax’s head too. Tig? Will he marry Venus?

The Sons of Anarchy series finale airs Tuesday, Dec. 9 at 10 p.m. on FX.

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