Smell it like Beckham

Capitalism at its finest moment; what else could David Beckham offer Los Angeles, nay, the world? His signature scent is now for sale.

The smell of David Beckham and his wife Victoria are unleashed in his-and-hers fragrances called Intimately Beckham.

“Why is this different from any other celebrity fragrance? The fact that (I) have spent a lot of time checking all the details,” Victoria Beckham told Women’s Wear Daily. “We are not just saying, ‘We are celebrities, put our name on it.’ I love to be involved with the whole process.”

The scents, which sell for $25 to $55 and were introduced last week in Beverly Hills, will be available at department stores next month and at drugstores in January.

Industry sources muse the sales from the eau de Becks may bring $100 million in worldwide sales this year and twice that next year, according to Women’s Wear Daily.

Posh is also cooking up a line of jeans, and David is on salary and endorsement deals with the Los Angeles Galaxy for near quarter of a billion dollars.


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