Alleged propaganda tool Dennis Rodman has meltdown on CNN (VIDEO)

Dennis Rodman and a group of former NBA players are in North Korea to play basketball for Kim Jong Un’s birthday, being compensated for their appearances by one of the world's biggest despots.

Today on CNN, Rodman had a major malfunction on camera.

Kenny Anderson is one of the six former NBA players who accompanied Rodman on this trip with plans for a game against North Korean players on Wednesday — allegedly the birthday of the nation's leader, Kim Jong Un. Anderson is a father of seven kids with five different women.  Also along for the trip was Cliff Robinson, Vin Baker, Sleepy Floyd, Doug Christie and Charles D. Smith.

What they're making on this trip is a mystery, but estimated to be well worth their while. summarized the entire embarrassing event perfectly: "Dennis Rodman took a little time out from spooning with his North Korean BFF on a bed made from the skin of Kim Jong Un’s dead rivals (including that crazy asshole’s uncle) to talk to CNN’s Chris Cuomo. When Chris Cuomo asked Dennis Rodman if he’s going to bring up Kenneth Bae, the American who’s sitting in a prison in North Korea right now, to his BFF, he rambled out a verbal vomit flood of nonsense."

Have a gander:

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