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Charlie Daniels irate over Duck Dynasty and Piers Morgan

By April Neale Dec 21, 2013, 22:15 GMT

Charlie Daniels irate over Duck Dynasty and Piers Morgan

Daniels is upset.

Singer Charlie Daniels is over CNN's news talk show host Piers Morgan attacking Americans over guns and the Duck Dynasty flap.

After Morgan said about Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson via Twitter Thursday, "[T]he 1st Amendment shouldn't protect vile bigots," Daniels shot back: "Piers Morgan why don't you go back to England and straighten it out before you try to change the United States of America":

Daniels, frontman for the Charlie Daniels Band, also told his fans about the DD scandal that “it’s a sorry day in America.”

Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson — one of the stars of the A&E reality show and a fundamentalist Christian — doled out some coarse anti-gay comments in a new GQ profile. Robertson, 67, was subsequently pulled from the show by A&E as a result of his remarks as a result of pressure from GLAAD.


On Twitter, Daniels writes, “It’s a sorry day in America when a man speaks his mind and gets suspended from work for expressing heartfelt religious opinions.”

“A and E I think I think you trampled Phil Robertson’s civil rights and ran off a significant bunch of viewers. Only time will tell,” the country singer adds.

Daniels, like many petition signing fans who are mobilizing on social media platforms like Facebook, feel A&E’s actions were swift and just, while big fans of the show who share in Robertson’s beliefs have taken to online petitions to bring him back.


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