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A chat with Greg Grunberg, his new 'Peter' commercial goes viral (VIDEO)

By April Neale Dec 17, 2013, 8:19 GMT

A chat with Greg Grunberg, his new 'Peter' commercial goes viral (VIDEO)

Greg Grunberg - 2013 MusiCares Person of the Year Honoring Bruce Springsteen - Arrivals - Los Angeles Convention Center - Los Angeles, CA, USA Andrew Evans / PR Photos

Greg Grunberg's production company, BandWagon, recently produced a clever commercial for Promescent, a penis enhancement product.

Althought we first noticed Greg in the female buddy film "Connie and Carla," he is, of course, best known for starring as Matt Parkman on the NBC television series Heroes, a series that catapulted the actor into the top tier of TV.

Grunberg has also appeared on House and Love Bites, and he's been a voice-over actor in Star Trek and also voiced the FBI agent Ethan Thomas in the video game Condemned: Criminal Origins.

Acting is not his only area of expertise. Grunberg's imagination and entrepreneurial drive has found success in the world of film and video production and apps like Yowza!! the Android and iPhone application, a GPS-aware coupon-referring program too.

In 2009, Grunberg launched Talk About It, a Web site close to his heart dedicated to epilepsy education and awareness, featuring many of Greg's peers and friends such as Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine, Dr. Drew Pinsky, Ron Rifkin, and John Mayer. Grunberg interviews top epilepsy experts on the need to talk more about epilepsy, and includes a section for people all over the world to talk about it.


Recently Greg released a new commercial video from his production company BandWagon and we have posted it below. We had a few questions for Greg about "Peter":

Monsters and Critics: How much creative input did you have with the script?

Greg Grunberg: Our production company is unique in that we do get a bit creative from the start. I have a very creative producing/directing partner in Brad Savage and on this project we got to work with an incredible agency. Tyler came to us with Promescent to do something out-of-the-box yet respectful and positive. I really think we need nailed it with this video ad. I don't want to be "premature", pun intended, but I think it's going to resonate and give this great product a funny and relatable angle.

M&C: What are the kinds of projects you are seeking-solely commercials or film/tv too?

GG: We are currently producing everything from commercials to Digital series as well as a feature film that we are currently shooting in Los Angeles that I am also starring in called "Burning Dog". We are having a blast producing everything from kids commercials for Mattel to adult products like Promescent ( We're having a blast.

M&C: Tell me about your production company, where are you based?

GG: We actually have our own production facility with stages and recording studio etc. in North Hollywood California. The production company is called Bandwagon Media ( and it consists of myself and my long-time creative partner in business Brad Savage. We have a few people who work with us creatively and are lucky to have a stable of amazing crew people that I have a history with from the shows I've been on and kept in touch with over the years. We've been very fortunate and the company is growing and it's nice to have this creative outlet to create TV and film projects and see them through. In these days of micro budget filmmaking you could actually make your project without having to wait for someone to green-light it.


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