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Kim Kardashian crosses Trey Parker and Matt Stone of Kristmas Kard list over 'South Park' (VIDEOS)

By April Neale Dec 13, 2013, 10:02 GMT

Kim Kardashian crosses Trey Parker and Matt Stone of Kristmas Kard list over 'South Park' (VIDEOS)

Kim Kardashian crosses Trey Parker and Matt Stone of Kristmas Kard list over \'South Park\' (VIDEOS)

Kim Kardashian has crossed "South Park showrunners Trey and Matt off her Kristmas Kard list.

In the season finale of the Comedy Central show, an animated "Gay Fish" Kanye West comes to Wendy's school to defend Kim after Wendy compares Kim to a Hobbit and accuses her of manipulating her photos, not at all like real life (ahem).

"South Park" poked fun at Kim's figure, after all the media hoopla over Kim being fat and then Kim's middle finger (her words) to the world by skinnying down so fast on a diet.

In its season 17 finale which aired Wednesday night, December 11, Butters rejected a date offer from Lisa, saying she was too fat. When confronted by Wendy about his rude statement, Butters revealed his dream girl was like Kim, "who takes care of herself and knows how to look good, whose got perfect skin and no splotches on her legs and perfect everything."

Wendy's reality check confirms that the TV star used Photoshop for her pictures, saying, "Kim Kardashian is a short, overweight woman who manipulates her image and makes average girls feel horrible about themselves. ... In real life, Kim Kardashian has the body of a Hobbit."

Kanye West, who was introduced as "Aquaman", later showed up in the kids' school to explain that his fiancee's not a Hobbit. "Yes, she gets her hair lasered off her body; yes, she has a friend named Gandalf who happens to be a wizard," he said, calling Kim several times on the phone to ask for her confirmation.

He later interrupted Pope Francis' speech to say, "If my fiancee Kim is a Hobbit ... then how come she don't live in a hole in the ground? Boom! All of y'all just got lit up cuz. She don't live in no hole in the ground; she lives in a big a** mansion with me."


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