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'Sons of Anarchy' finale, A Mother's Work, some thoughts

By April Neale Dec 11, 2013, 12:35 GMT

'Sons of Anarchy' finale, A Mother's Work, some thoughts

\'Sons of Anarchy\' finale, A Mother\'s Work, some thoughts


All things come to an end, even favorite TV series too, which unite fans today like never before thanks to the immediacy of social media. Especially with a show like 'Sons of Anarchy.'

We fall in love with certain characters, we find allies who appreciate what we see, and savor the unwind of a good yarn, elevating the showrunner into that all powerful primal storyteller our ancient human ancestors gathered around a fire with, as there was nothing BUT story and the art of telling it. Only the medium advanced. The importance of the storyteller remains the same.

I got to watch the finale tonight inside the set of "Sons" with Kurt Sutter, his wife Katey Sagal and Maggie Siff. No one had seen the final cut. It was dark and intimate, and no one could speak, everyone was overwrought with emotion when the final scene faded to black.

For me, the series died more than a death tonight, but the realization hit hard that one of my true TV pleasures is nearly over, a similar feeling like when someone you know and like is sick and must be admitted to hospice.

There's just one season left. Jax has lost his true North. Gemma has lost her salvation with Nero. SAMCRO grieves Jax's likely incarceration. Rockmond Dunbar's tragic Roosevelt (who not too long ago lost his wife) is wasted by the Fredo Corleone of the series, Juice, who gets the kiss of death tonight from Jax.

Whatever the actions and deeds that preceded tonight, the two star crossed lovers of the series were destroyed and a big part of this entire story met its demise too. It was profoundly sad to witness.


A lot of "Sons of Anarchy" fans knew that Tara Knowles wouldn't survive the show's two hour season finale Tuesday night. But the actions, according to Sutter, were born of miscommunication, suppositions and the reactive nature of Gemma, described as "a violent woman" according to Katey Sagal, who dispatches her daughter-in-law in a "pedestrian" manner, dirty dishwater, with a nearby double tined kitchen roast fork that serves as the murder weapon.

And just like that, Dr. Knowles, who dared to aspire and accomplish more than what Charming could provide her, was destroyed because she couldn't fight the chemistry she had with her son, Jackson.


Both Maggie Siff and Katey Sagal were shocked and dismayed at the existence of 'Team Tara' and 'Team Gemma' chatter on social media. "I find that disturbing," said Maggie. "She's a big part of Jax's life and he loves her, and she loves him."

I have a theory that people who identify with Gemma more are perhaps put off by these achievments that Tara has accomplished. She's Jax's woman, not some whore crow eater, and she's certainly not supplicant to him. He respects her as all of the men do, and that little fact always ate at Gemma.

The women of the series got major love from Sutter tonight, who first praised the phenomenal job CCH Pounder brought to a series she was thrust into. Her character Tyne Patterson was both "maternal and masculine in energy" acording to Kurt, who told us how he loved her step up and "own your space" scene with Jax.

Sutter had nothing but deep love and admiration for both Sagal and Siff's work together throughout the series, as Maggie's efforts in front of the camera "had made him a better writer."

So we face the last season together, invested we are in what is to come of what's left. How long will Wayne survive? And when (and if) he goes, that unconditional love Gemma basks in will disappear. It will be a very cold day for her.  Jimmy Smits' Nero and Peter Weller's Bukowski will be back in the final season, but will Nero no longer love Gemma? And the remaining crew, lead by Bobby, Chibs and Tig, how will they handle Juice, and the club's diversified business? Not to mention a pending race war over the gun trade. All wild cards.

A moment of exalted praise and awe at Charlie Hunnam's work as Jax. His reaction to Tara's corpse was nothing short of soul crushing perfection.

All I could say tonight to Maggie as I left was that I would miss her. Tara Knowles was a light and represented an unrealised life for Jax.


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