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Gingerbread fruitcake on TLC (VIDEO)

By April Neale Dec 6, 2013, 2:20 GMT

Gingerbread fruitcake on TLC (VIDEO)

Crazy people and the holidays = great TV. …for a TLC show, at least.

Crazy people and the holidays = great TV. …for a TLC show, at least.

Meet Tamera: a woman OBSESSED with gingerbread on TLC’s MY CRAZY OBSESSION: CHRISTMAS COLLECTION 2, premiering Saturday at 9 PM ET/PT.

How obsessed, you may ask?

- She has a sidekick doll named Miss Ginger, who she takes everywhere during the holiday season

- She has a 150lb barrel of ginger powder in her home

- She makes homemade ginger cigarettes

- She incorporates gingerbread into most of her cooking (gingerbread and sausage casserole, anyone?)

- She bakes hundreds of gingerbread men around the holiday season to give to children

- She has collected dozens of gingerbread objects, ornaments, nutrcrackers, etc., which have taken over her home

So what do you think happens when Tamera’s daughter surprises her by decorating the outside of her home to resemble a gingerbread house? AN EPIC AND HILARIOUSLY ADORABLE MELTDOWN…and one of our favorite TV moments of the year!

See how it all goes down here:


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