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Shep Smith's dreams come true when True Blood star Joe Manganiello is with him (VIDEO)

By April Neale Dec 5, 2013, 3:17 GMT

Shep Smith's dreams come true when True Blood star Joe Manganiello is with him (VIDEO)

(L-R) Model Soo Joo Park, actor Joe Manganiello, designer Jeremy Scott and NBA player Iman Shumpert attends the Y-3 Spring/Summer 2014 runway show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on September 8, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images for Y-3)

FOX News anchor and well known True Blood fan, Shepard Smith, had his dreams come true this afternoon on Shepard Smith Reporting when True Blood actor Joe Manganiello stopped by the FOX News Deck.

Shep is a well-known fan of the HBO vampire/werewolf show, regularly referencing the show on air and weaving it into the news. Here is a clip of Shep notably going on a rant about True Blood and “V.” (

Some highlights from Shep’s big interview below.

On why he found the role on True Blood intriguing and whether he was a fan?

“I was. I was a fan of it and I love HBO. I was a big fan of HBO shows. I was a big fan of Alan Ball. As a kid whose favorite holiday was Halloween I was always a fan of the old black and white Lon Chaney Jr. horror movies. I was just that kid.”

On praying as a kid to become a werewolf:

“And I got mad when I thought it didn’t happen and there’s nobody listening to me out there and sure enough here we are 25 years later, ya I’m a werewolf.”

On his character Alcide eating a packmaster in True Blood:

“Packmasters are delicious.”

On last viewers saw on True Blood, his character Alcide hanging out with Sookie and what that tells us about next season:

Manganiello: “Well, obviously Alcide is getting some and of course they choose to end the show as soon as he finally you know gets some. I think she’s always the one that he was always intrigued by.”

Shep: “Everyone is intrigued by her despite the fact that she is horribly annoying.”

Manganiello: “Werewolf women are the worst. So I think for him lets mix it up let’s try something different. Look at where he gets with the werewolf women, you know? I mean, other than the occasional three way it’s a big headache.”



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