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TV Tonight: TNT's 'Mob City' stylish noir, meet the cast (VIDEOS)

By April Neale Dec 4, 2013, 11:49 GMT

TV Tonight: TNT's 'Mob City' stylish noir, meet the cast (VIDEOS)

Frank Darabontís back with a vengeance with TNT\'s stylish noir "Mob City," a tip of the hat to Mickey Spillane at times, and based on the book "L.A. Noir."

Frank Darabont’s back with a vengeance with TNT's stylish noir "Mob City," a tip of the hat to Mickey Spillane at times, and based on the book "L.A. Noir."

The moody and distinctly period patois of the crack cast makes this a great watch. Mr. Darabont worked with lead actor Jon Bernthal on the AMC series "The Walking Dead" before Mr. Darabont exited production.

TNT's "Mob City" is a special event mini-series airing six hours airing over three consecutive weeks.

It's great to see Jon Bernthal again, his hot tempered and blooded 'Shane' was a great 'Walking Dead' character that is still missed by many fans. Here, Bernthal is stoic and wry, a rock solid former marine named Joe Teague, a morally elastic WWII veteran and cop in Los Angeles where the L.A.P.D. is rife with corruption (similar to the film  "L.A. Confidential" circa 1947).

Legendary gangsters like Mickey Cohen (Jeremy Luke) and Ben 'Bugsy' Siegel (Edward Burns) are brought back to life. Appreciated is the subtlety that Burns brings to his famous ladykiller mobster. Most portrayals of Siegel are ridiculously over-the-top. Siegel - according to historians - was a real prick. Burns does him some justice here.

In the premiere tonight, watch for Simon Pegg who plays an annoyingly egotistical pisher comic who tries to hold up the Mob, a scheme that of course, ultimately will backfire.

Wednesday, December 04 2013, 6pm ET EPISODE 1

A Guy Walks Into a Bar

Hecky Nash (guest star Simon Pegg) bribes police detective Joe Teague (Jon Bernthal) to protect him during a dangerous blackmail scheme involving the Los Angeles mob. Seeing this as a perfect opportunity to bring down one of the city’s most infamous mobsters, the Los Angeles police force looks to Teague for key information in hopes of crippling the heart of L.A.’s organized crime.

The Cast

Joe Teague Played by Jon Bernthal


After serving as a Marine during World War II, Joe Teague is now a Los Angeles police detective. When he is asked to help blackmail a high-powered member of the mob, the brutal and handsome Teague finds himself caught in the moral gray zone between the city's powerful gangsters and its corrupt law enforcement.

Hal Morrison Played by Jeffrey DeMunn


Hal Morrison is a Los Angeles police detective assigned to head up the city's new organized crime division. He is an honest, forthright man who becomes suspicious after learning Joe has been approached to assist in a blackmail scheme.

Ned Stax Played by Milo Ventimiglia


Ned Stax is a budding lawyer with a chess-player's mind. He has all the tools to be a master "fixer" for the mob -- the position for which he's been groomed.

Captain William Parker Played by Neal McDonough


Straight as an arrow, canny and incorruptible, William Parker became a captain in the LAPD at age 42, and he just might be on track to be Chief of Police someday. Parker is as committed to rooting out corruption in the police department as he is to bringing down the mob.

Jasmine Played by Alexa Davalos


Jasmine, girlfriend of the shady Hecky Nash, is a photo girl at Mickey Cohen's nightclub. She has a beauty and vulnerability that could break anyone's heart. She also has experience far beyond her age and a past that threatens to complicate her life.

Ben "Bugsy" Siegel Played by Edward Burns


Nicknamed "Bugsy," the infamous Ben Siegel is an American mobster who has made a name for himself through bootlegging, gambling and ruthless assassinations. Mean-spirited yet charismatic, Siegel has an eye for the ladies and can kill a man without a bit of remorse.

Mickey Cohen Played by Jeremy Luke


Mickey Cohen has been causing trouble since he was a little boy. Next-in-line after Siegel to be boss of all organized crime in Los Angeles, Mickey runs the L.A. underworld with an iron fist. A quick-to-anger hothead, Cohen has a huge obsession with cleanliness.

Sid Rothman Played by Robert Knepper


Sid Rothman is a legendary hit man and capo. He's also been the closest friend of Bugsy Siegel and Meyer Lansky since childhood.

Mayor Fletcher Bowron Played by Gregory Itzin


A charismatic politician and dedicated reformer, Mayor Fletcher Bowron is intent on rooting out the bad apples in the LAPD and eliminating corruption that existed in past administrations.


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