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History's 'Pawn Stars' versus PBS 'Antique Roadshow,' by the numbers

By April Neale Nov 21, 2013, 3:58 GMT

History's 'Pawn Stars' versus PBS 'Antique Roadshow,' by the numbers

History\'s \'Pawn Stars\' versus PBS \'Antique Roadshow,\' by the numbers

Someone had some time on their hands.

Our top two awesome TV series picks where people's treasures are assessed for value include History's Pawn Stars, and PBS' Antique Roadshow. Both have the audience guessing at the worth of intriguing and often times crazy items found in attics or closets.

An antique dealer, Old Plank Road, has made an infographic comparing the two shows.

It's called "Pawn Stars vs. Antiques Roadshow," an infographic comparing History Channel's "Pawn Stars" with PBS's "Antiques Roadshow".

It includes some very intriguing details and statistics such as number of viewers, number of episodes, most expensive appraisals, and other interesting facts.

Antiques are money in the bank and are commanding more of a center stage than ever before.

Check it out:

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