TV Picks: 'Freaks of Nature' premieres this Sunday on The Weather Channel

Tune in alert for a gripping series, "Freaks of Nature," the latest original from The Weather Channel premieres this Sunday.

The show introduces viewers to extraordinary people who possess the power to control, manipulate or conquer nature, performing feats that could harm or kill the average human.

They may brave sub-zero temps in just a pair of shorts; pass electricity through their body and out their fingertips in a bolt of lightning; set themselves on fire, claiming to be fireproof; and fly like a human-bird at speeds more than 100 mph.

The series features people such as world-renowned surfer Laird Hamilton, known for his ability to ride 80 ft. waves and for the surfboard he designed that allows him to "fly" over waves.*

Show host Tyler Harcott (“Junkyard Wars”) even puts himself in some of these incredible situations to see how a "normal" human can withstand them.

"Freaks of Nature" premieres Sunday, Nov. 17 with back-to-back episodes at 10:00 p.m. & 10:30 p.m. ET on The Weather Channel.

Canadian Tyler’s hosting career began in Hong Kong, hosting three shows for Star TV, where he got to indulge his great passions: travel and adventure. Tyler then returned to Canada to host, write and produce the nightly live entertainment show “Wired” for A-Channel Calgary.

He began his foray into the US market with UPN’s high stakes daredevil stunt show “I Dare You!” and was the host of TLC’s Emmy-nominated series “Junkyard Wars.” Eventually, Tyler relocated to New York City where he helmed his first design-themed program, Style Network’s “Guess Who’s Coming to Decorate?” He then took on arguably the greatest challenge of his career - living on a cruise ship with 50 Miss America pageant contestants and hosting TLC’s “Miss America: Countdown to the Crown.” Tyler is also currently the host on “The Bachelor Canada” before setting off around the world in search of incredible people places and adventures on The Weather Channel’s new series.

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12 x 30-minute episodes Mankind has always been at the mercy of nature, but Tyler Harcott is on a quest to find a new breed of people who claim to have found a way to harness the forces of nature, making them different from everyone else on earth. On his journey, Tyler will meet people who have fallen victim to the deadly effects of these forces of nature, and seek out the scientists that take on its phenomenal power, people whose discoveries could help all mankind in its constant battle with the powers of our planet.

Ice Proof Man (ep 1) Wim Hoff claims he’s able to survive being immersed in ice by “switching off” his body’s natural reaction to cold, but can he really withstand -20 degrees C, for 90 minutes? Scientists believe he may also have the ability to control his immune system – in a groundbreaking experiment, Wim will be injected with a virus to find out if he can fight off a lethal disease using his very own superpower.

Human Submarine (ep 2) William Trubridge is a “purist free-diver” and the first man to go beyond 100 meters, unassisted, on a single breath of air. How can he survive for so long without air, and how does his body cope with the incredible pressure at this depth? Tyler joins William in the Bahamas as he attempts his deepest ever dive.

Volcano Man (ep 3) Geoff Mackley abseils into the jaws of an active volcano, wearing nothing more than a thin foil suit. Tyler tests the suit in Hawaii before finding out if Geoff can get closer than any man has ever been to the violent lava inside our planet and live to tell the tale.

Altitude Proof (ep 4) Don Bowie claims that he can climb the world’s highest mountains using no supplemental oxygen. Tyler meets Don on the summit of Mt Whitney - does he posses some genetic mutation that makes him immune to the lethal effects of low air pressure known as hypoxia? Tyler then takes him to an altitude chamber in Colorado to test his limits.

Heatwave (ep 5) Scott Jurek is an ultra-marathon runner who claims he can run for hours in the hottest places on earth. Tyler meets Scott in Death Valley, where he demonstrates his extraordinary stamina by running in Americas hottest place for 12 hours. Tyler then takes Scott to a human performance lab to push his abilities to the max, challenging him to run for over an hour in 134 degree heat, the hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth.

Lightning Master (ep 6) Austin Richards is a mad scientist who understands lightning better than anyone, and has built a machine that harnesses its power. It also allows him to fire a lightning bolt at a target! Tyler also meets another scientist who shows him the effect a bolt would have on the human body.

Tsunami Man (ep 7) Laird Hamilton is the best-known surfer on the planet. He has ridden waves over 80 feet high and has even designed a new board that allows him to ‘fly’ over the wave, reaching incredible speeds. But can he surf a wave that matches the force and speed of a tsunami?

The Windcheater (ep 8) Heinz Zak goes toe to toe with fear AND Mother Nature, performing deadly high-wire stunts in the most extreme locations imaginable. Tyler discovers how Heinz is able to take on such a death-defying challenge by testing his limits in the most powerful wind tunnel on earth.

The Human Eclipse (ep 9) Tom de Witte may be 100% blind but he has mastered the ability of flash sonar and can map objects in any environment. Tyler joins Tom in one of Belgium’s densest pine forests to put him to the test. Can he perform his bat-like echolocation in a snowstorm?

Magnet Man (ep 10) Mikhail Vasiliev can harness one of the planets most mysterious forces, magnetism, using it to stick huge objects to his body – Tyler brings Mikhail to the U.S., challenging him to stick a piece of metal weighing more than Tyler to his chest.

G-force Man (ep 11) Sean Tucker has trained his body to withstand g forces that would cause any normal person’s brain to shut down – Tyler goes up for a test flight and experiences zero gravity, before Sean goes face to face with more g force than that experienced by a fighter pilot, and they use special g-force suits to keep them alive. Sean has no protection.

Professor Splash (ep 12) Darren Taylor can somehow survive a 35 foot high-dive into less than 12 inches of water. In the blustery conditions of the Rocky Mountains, Darren attempts to set a new record, where the impact on his body measure over 4 tonnes, so how can he survive something that would kill any other human?

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