LL Cool J on The Queen Latifah Show - November 14 (VIDEOS)

Tune in alert for Thursday’s episode of The Queen Latifah Show with guest, LL Cool J. LL Cool J and an Exclusive Performance by Queen Latifah.

Plus, “Parenthood’s” Monica Potter and the $1 Million Dollar Grand Prize Winner of the Pillsbury Bake-Off® Contest

Multi-platinum artist and star of “NCIS Los Angeles,” LL Cool J on raising daughters and the key to a successful marriage. He then goes on to say that inner city rappers were different than rock-n-rollers because "they got to get moms a house." I don't think he knows this, but TONS of rockers buys "moms" a house.

Then, an exclusive with the winner of the "Pillsbury Bake-Off® Contest” -- find out the baking secrets that won them a million dollars! Plus, “Parenthood’s” Monica Potter. And, Queen Latifah and her band bring down the house.

AIR DATE: November 14, 2013 *Check Local Listings

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