Nicki Minaj gets emotional on Queen Latifah (VIDEOS)

Check out Nicki Minaj on The Queen Latifah Show, airing today, Tuesday, October 22nd.

The two marvel at the fact that female rappers are talking to each other on TV.

Nicki Minaj talks rapper-to-rapper about the state of hip hop, her "American Idol" experience, her first feature film role and her distinctive style. Then Diablo Cody (“Juno”) discusses her new film and how motherhood has altered her perspective, and a performance by Panic at the Disco. Plus, the ultimate surprise for the man who gave his bride her dream Pinterest wedding.

QL: “I’m sitting here with a female rapper on a talk show started by a female rapper. This is a moment for me. [NM claps, bows down to QL] Oh respect, respect. That’s what we say to each other for all y’all out there, but it really is a full circle moment for me, you know, because I probably never envisioned this. Did you think of something like this?”

NM: “Absolutely not, you’ve opened so many doors for me and so many other women and it’s insane because I always reference you when I talk to my female rappers who have kind of paved the way in terms of a business woman and mogul and just all around entertainer and to be sitting here doing your show is just a great moment for hip hop, so thank you for having me.”

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