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Joel McHale starts of Bourdain's 'The Getaway' for Esquire (VIDEOS)

By April Neale Sep 25, 2013, 1:06 GMT

Joel McHale starts of Bourdain's 'The Getaway' for Esquire (VIDEOS)

Joel McHale heads to Ireland Andrew Evans / PR Photos

Anthony Bourdain's new series is one of the top new offerings for newcomer Esquire network.

Explore the world's greatest cities through the eyes of a revolving cast of travel-loving celebrities.

Esquire Network premieres the all-new series "The Getaway" this Wednesday, September 25 at 9pm, kicking off with a trip to Belfast, Northern Ireland with Joel McHale. 

Executive Produced by Bourdain and Zero Point Zero Production, the series has 10 episodes.  10 cities.  11 hosts. For 44,775 miles traveled = nearly two trips around the globe.    

Joel McHale Lets It Ride at the Drumbo Park Dog Track

In Rashida Jones’ London Getaway, actor Chris O’Dowd -- and a jar of preserved celebrity excrement -- both make cameos.

While surfing in Los Angeles, Ryan Kwanten reveals he’s a shark attack survivor...

 During her Jamaica Getaway, Eve records a new reggae track -- from the back of a semi-truck!

Fried food out of a vending machine? Seth Meyers says heck yeah in Amsterdam!    

Aziz Ansari eats snake soup -- and scores a sweet set of Lebron James playing cards in Hong Kong. Enough said.

Coming up:

Joel McHale in Belfast (September 25, 9p e/p) -- Joel McHale lives like a local in Belfast, Northern Ireland, sampling local whiskey, buying a spiffy tweed wardrobe, golfing at one of the world's most beautiful courses and taking a spin in a true Irish auto export, the DeLorean.

Aziz Ansari in Hong Kong (October 2, 9p e/p) -- A bespoke suit, snake soup, the Hong Kong Derby and a mysterious fortune teller all add comical twists to comedian and actor Aziz Ansari’s Hong Kong getaway.

Aisha Tyler in Paris (October 9, 9p e/p) -- French cuisine, rare cocktails once outlawed and a little taxidermy complete the perfect getaway to Paris for Francophile Aisha Tyler.

Josh Gad in New York City (October 16, 9p e/p) -- Josh Gad returns to New York City to live like a local beyond the theater district limits. Indulging in classic culinary staples, discovering a new Broadway play and taking in the Central Park scenery is just the beginning.

José Andrés in San Juan (October 23, 9p e/p) -- Acclaimed chef José Andrés is eager to experience San Juan, Puerto Rico like a local. From sampling classic delicacies to a pig roast in the mountains, this getaway wraps after drinking with locals lands him salsa dancing in the streets.

Ryan Kwanten in Los Angeles (October 30, 9p e/p) -- Ask actor Ryan Kwanten about Los Angeles and he’s likely to say, “Westside is the best side.” Beaches, bikes, sand and seafood. Throw in a classic cheeseburger and custom tequila cocktail, and that’s Ryan’s idea of a perfect weekend getaway.

Rashida Jones in London (November 6, 9p e/p) -- Actress Rashida Jones rediscovers London through reconnecting with famous friends. Coffee, cocktails and celebrity excrement (!) preserved in a museum make this a getaway she’ll never forget.   Paul Feig in Boston (November 13, 9p e/p) -- Director Paul Feig takes on Boston with style, sporting a bespoke three-piece suit as he clings for life on a wild speedboat, throws mock tea into the Boston Harbor with historic re-enactors and samples delicacies from Beantown’s impressive food and drink scene.

Eve in Kingston (November 20, 9p e/p) -- Grammy Award-winning artist Eve jets to her favorite place on earth, Kingston, Jamaica, to sample street food with the world’s fastest woman, feast on local delicacies -- and even record and release a brand new reggae tune.

Seth & Josh Meyers in Amsterdam (November 27, 9p e/p) -- Seth and Josh Meyers live like locals in Amsterdam indulging in gastro traditions, fried food from a vending machine and playing bocce with a Holland hip hop star. This getaway wraps with a Dutch Jack Nicholson cameo.

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