Joel McHale starts of Bourdain's 'The Getaway' for Esquire (VIDEOS)

Anthony Bourdain's new series is one of the top new offerings for newcomer Esquire network.

Explore the world's greatest cities through the eyes of a revolving cast of travel-loving celebrities.

Esquire Network premieres the all-new series "The Getaway" this Wednesday, September 25 at 9pm, kicking off with a trip to Belfast, Northern Ireland with Joel McHale. 

Executive Produced by Bourdain and Zero Point Zero Production, the series has 10 episodes.  10 cities.  11 hosts. For 44,775 miles traveled = nearly two trips around the globe.    

Joel McHale Lets It Ride at the Drumbo Park Dog Track

In Rashida Jones’ London Getaway, actor Chris O’Dowd -- and a jar of preserved celebrity excrement -- both make cameos.

While surfing in Los Angeles, Ryan Kwanten reveals he’s a shark attack survivor...

 During her Jamaica Getaway, Eve records a new reggae track -- from the back of a semi-truck!

Fried food out of a vending machine? Seth Meyers says heck yeah in Amsterdam!    

Aziz Ansari eats snake soup -- and scores a sweet set of Lebron James playing cards in Hong Kong. Enough said.

Coming up:

Joel McHale in Belfast (September 25, 9p e/p) -- Joel McHale lives like a local in Belfast, Northern Ireland, sampling local whiskey, buying a spiffy tweed wardrobe, golfing at one of the world's most beautiful courses and taking a spin in a true Irish auto export, the DeLorean.

Aziz Ansari in Hong Kong (October 2, 9p e/p) -- A bespoke suit, snake soup, the Hong Kong Derby and a mysterious fortune teller all add comical twists to comedian and actor Aziz Ansari’s Hong Kong getaway.

Aisha Tyler in Paris (October 9, 9p e/p) -- French cuisine, rare cocktails once outlawed and a little taxidermy complete the perfect getaway to Paris for Francophile Aisha Tyler.

Josh Gad in New York City (October 16, 9p e/p) -- Josh Gad returns to New York City to live like a local beyond the theater district limits. Indulging in classic culinary staples, discovering a new Broadway play and taking in the Central Park scenery is just the beginning.

José Andrés in San Juan (October 23, 9p e/p) -- Acclaimed chef José Andrés is eager to experience San Juan, Puerto Rico like a local. From sampling classic delicacies to a pig roast in the mountains, this getaway wraps after drinking with locals lands him salsa dancing in the streets.

Ryan Kwanten in Los Angeles (October 30, 9p e/p) -- Ask actor Ryan Kwanten about Los Angeles and he’s likely to say, “Westside is the best side.” Beaches, bikes, sand and seafood. Throw in a classic cheeseburger and custom tequila cocktail, and that’s Ryan’s idea of a perfect weekend getaway.

Rashida Jones in London (November 6, 9p e/p) -- Actress Rashida Jones rediscovers London through reconnecting with famous friends. Coffee, cocktails and celebrity excrement (!) preserved in a museum make this a getaway she’ll never forget.   Paul Feig in Boston (November 13, 9p e/p) -- Director Paul Feig takes on Boston with style, sporting a bespoke three-piece suit as he clings for life on a wild speedboat, throws mock tea into the Boston Harbor with historic re-enactors and samples delicacies from Beantown’s impressive food and drink scene.

Eve in Kingston (November 20, 9p e/p) -- Grammy Award-winning artist Eve jets to her favorite place on earth, Kingston, Jamaica, to sample street food with the world’s fastest woman, feast on local delicacies -- and even record and release a brand new reggae tune.

Seth & Josh Meyers in Amsterdam (November 27, 9p e/p) -- Seth and Josh Meyers live like locals in Amsterdam indulging in gastro traditions, fried food from a vending machine and playing bocce with a Holland hip hop star. This getaway wraps with a Dutch Jack Nicholson cameo.

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