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Surrogates and Swingers: September is sex month on Discovery Fit & Health

By April Neale Aug 23, 2013, 19:00 GMT

Surrogates and Swingers: September is sex month on Discovery Fit & Health

September is Sex month on Discovery Fit & Health

Most people lose their virginity in their teens or early twenties. After all, sex is a natural part of life.

But for 45-year-old Clive and 29-year-old Rosie, the idea of sex is anything but fun. They are both virgins – but not entirely by choice.

This September, Discovery Fit & Health follows their journeys in an all-new one-hour special as they embark on a radical course of sex therapy in the hopes of getting to the heart of their long-standing difficulties with physical and emotional intimacy.

"My Sex Surrogate" premieres Saturday, September 7 at 9 PM (ET/PT), leading into the previously announced series "Secret Sex Lives: Swingers."

An IT Engineer, Clive is partnered with the leader of sex surrogates, Cheryl Cohen Greene, whose life story is portrayed by Helen Hunt in the Oscar-nominated film “The Sessions.” So intimidated by the thought of physical intimacy, will Clive be able overcome the issues that have prevented him from losing his virginity for so long?

Rosie, who works in childcare, dreams of marriage and children of her own, but cannot bear to touch or be touched by men. She works with Gary Mallinckrodt, one of only five male sex surrogates in the U.S. licensed to work with female clients. Initially not attracted to Gary, can Rosie move past the feeling that Gary is just not her type of guy and finally have sex for the first time?

The extraordinary experiences of Clive and Rosie during their therapy programs illustrate the differences between male and female sexuality. Both Cheryl and Gary encourage Clive and Rosie, respectively, to open up and overcome their issues surrounding sexual intimacy as they themselves reveal why they have undertaken this extraordinary and uncommon career.



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