'Paternity Court' needs litigants, details

“Paternity Court,” a nationally syndicated courtroom series, will premiere on Monday, September 23, debuting in more than 92% of the country in all of the top 50 markets. 

The 30-minute first run show will air five days a week.  The announcement was made today by John Bryan, President, Domestic Television Distribution, MGM Television.

The show’s judge Lauren Lake, a legal and relationship expert, will preside over riveting and life-changing paternity cases, helping families find closure and acceptance once she reveals the DNA test results.  “Our court is not only about helping people get answers surrounding paternity, but also about how to move forward no matter how difficult the results are to hear,” explains Lake.  “The stakes are high and the emotions are unparalleled.”

“Paternity Court” is distributed by Orion TV Productions (Orion Television), a division of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc., and will premiere on more than 140 stations nationwide. Station groups include: Tribune, CBS, Sinclair, Weigel, Hearst and others. “Paternity Court” will air on all stations, daily Monday through Friday.  Listed are the top ten markets with stations and airtimes:

New York                            WLNY                                   1pm & 1:30pm

Los Angeles                        KDOC                                    11:00am & 11:30am

                                          KTLA                                      late night

Chicago                               WCIU                                    12:30pm

                                           WCUU                                  10:00am & 10:30am

Philadelphia                      WPSG                                   10:30am

Dallas/Ft. Worth              KTXA                                     12:00pm & 12:30pm

San Francisco                     KOFY                                     12:00pm & 12:30pm

Boston                                  WBIN                                    3:00pm & 3:30pm

Washington, DC               WDCW                                 11:00am & 11:30am

Atlanta                                 WUPA                                  1:00pm & 1:30pm

Houston                              KUBE                                     3:00pm & 3:30pm

Lake is a member of  the New York, New Jersey and Michigan State Bar and has appeared as a legal and relationship expert on “OMG/Insider,” “Dr. Phil,” "Anderson," "The Today Show," "The View," "Dr. Drew on Call,"  "MSNBC," “Nancy Grace,” “CNN” and “HLN,” among many others.

For more information, please visit the official "Paternity Court" Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/PaternityCourt  and follow the show on Twitter, @PaternityCourt, using the hashtag, #PaternityCourt.  Please  also follow the show's Instagram, @PaternityCourtTV.

The show is currently casting litigants. For more information to appear on the show, please call: 1 855 TV DNA 23 (1.855.883.6223) or go to www.beonpaternitycourt.tv

“Paternity Court” is a nationally syndicated half-hour daily courtroom show, where legal and relationship expert Lauren Lake brings her unique and dynamic perspective to the courtroom as the presiding judge. Each case will offer emotionally-charged, life-changing consequences when dramatic DNA results are revealed.  The show is produced by 79th & York Entertainment with David Armour serving as executive producer.



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