TV5MONDE USA: August Films Keep it 'Cool' This Summer

Missed Comic-Con? 

Then imagine a place where everyone suits up as a superhero – each day. 

Documentary LA REVANCHE DES GEEKS (REVENGE OF THE GEEKS) explores the culture of a comic book-loving tribe of IT “geeks” whose popularity increased as did society’s dependence on technology.

Showcasing the turmoil that ensues after a seemingly successful bank heist - LE GUETTEUR (THE LOOKOUT) is directed by two-time Golden Globe winner Michèle Placido and stars two-time Cannes and two-time César winner Mathieu Kassovitz. 

Next, dive into LE PROCÈS (THE TRIAL) by two-time Oscar and three-time Cannes winning Orson Welles who directed and acts in this story of conspiracy and false accusation that unfolds when main character Joseph K. (Anthony Perkins) awakes handcuffed. More about these films as well as other noted programming airing during the month of August is below.

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August 19, 1pm EDT / 10am PDT

August 24, 2:35pm EDT / 11:35am PDT

August 27, 6:30pm EDT / 3:30pm PDT

Director Jean-Baptiste Péretié explores a new, emerging cool that has been evolving ever so swiftly and ever so rapidly. Once upon a time in the seventies, there lived a minute and defenceless tribe: the geeks. They were seen as losers, passionate about IT, yet rubbish at sports and chat-up lines. But with the formidable growth of the Internet, this geek subculture has practically achieved star status in the modern world.


August 18, 8:30pm EDT / 5:30pm PDT

August 27, 1:30am EDT / August 26, 10:30pm PDT

Golden Globe winning director Michèle Placido delights with a thriller starring Cannes and César winning Mathieu Kassovitz, who plays Sniper Vincent Kaminski. Staging an intervention, he makes it possible for his accomplices to flee from the bank heist just as Police Chief Mattei, played by Cannes, two-time César and BAFTA award-winning actor Daniel Auteuil, was about to arrest them. While the police conduct a massive manhunt, the gang of bank robbers begins a veritable descent into hell...



August 27, 8:30pm EDT / 5:30pm PDT

August 30, 1:20am EDT / August 29, 10:20pm PDT

Legendary Orson Welles (an Oscar and Cannes Award recipient in his vaunted career) both directed and acts in this drama of seeming misconception. One morning, Joseph K., played by Oscar nominated, Golden Globe and Cannes winning actor Anthony Perkins, is woken up by a man telling him he is under arrest. Bewildered, he discovers that he is the victim of a terrible conspiracy. Everyone claims he is guilty, both his friends and his enemies. Weary, he ends up questioning his innocence – joined by all-star cast of Golden Globe winner and two-time Oscar nominated Akim Tamiroff, Golden Globe nominated and three-time César winner Romy Schneider, two-time Cannes, three-time César and BAFTA winner  Jeanne Moreau and two-time César winner Suzanne Flon.


August 6, 8:30pm EDT / 5:30pm PDT

August 9, 1:30am EDT / August 8, 10:30pm PDT

Cannes nominated director Yves Boisset thrills with this film. Sadiel, played by four-time Golden Globe and two-time Cannes winning Gian Maria Volonte, is a political exile that has taken asylum in Switzerland – serving as a threat to Colonel Kassar, Interior Minister of a North African country, played by Cannes winning actor Michel Piccoli. The Colonel therefore makes a deal with the French secret service to lure Sadiel into a trap. After Sadiel's execution, news of the affair gets out... All-star cast includes Cannes and César winner Jean-Louis Trintignant, Golden Globe and BAFTA nominated Jean Seberg, two-time César winner Michel Bouquet and two-time César and BAFTA winner Philippe Noiret.


August 8, 8:30pm EDT / 5:30pm PDT

August 16, 11pm EDT / 8pm PDT

August 24, 1:30am EDT / August 23, 10:30pm PDT

Cannes winning director Philippe Garrel brings a dramedy about Paul, played by two-time Cannes and César winning actor Xavier Beauvois, a student romantically entangled with an older married woman named Hélène, played by Oscar nominated, two-time Cannes and two-time César winning actress Catherine Deneuve. While visiting Naples for an exhibition, he meets Serge – a well-known artist that Paul would like to work for in the future. Together they travel back to Paris in his red Porsche and Paul learns of Serge’s troublesome and haunting past. The film features an original score by John Cale, a founding member of the ground-breaking rock band the Velvet Underground.


August 20, 8:30pm EDT / 5:30pm PDT

August 23, 1:30am EDT / August 22, 10:30pm PDT

Cannes nominated and two-time César winning director Claude Sautet envelopes us in this drama about Pierre, played by Cannes winning and four-time César nominee Michel Piccoli, who is the victim of a terrible car accident. Seriously injured, he strives to get his life back on track. His experiences have made him realize the importance of simplicity in life – its pleasure and its pain, which make up the sheer joy of living.

Awards: Louis Delluc Prize (1969), nominations (Cannes, 1970)

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