TLC's Wedding Island, Everybody Hates Double Wedding Weekends (VIDEO)

Tune in alert for the next Wedding Island Episode: Everybody Hates Double Wedding Weekends which premieres July 25 at 10pm (ET/PT)

It’s a double wedding weekend at Weddings in Vieques! While Sandy's team attempts to build a balloon arch that can withstand Vieques crosswinds, she learns two days before a wedding that one of her brides would like to arrive in style – via helicopter!

From TLC

Time for destination wedding dreams come true in Wedding Island, a new series following wedding planner Sandy Malone and her team of experts as they navigate the logistical challenges of coordinating nuptials on Vieques Island, a tiny rock in the Caribbean.

Vieques Island is known for its beautiful beaches, breathtaking views, and unfortunately, limited resources and supplies. For couples in love, it is the perfect romantic destination, but for Sandy, the only wedding planner on this remote island seven miles off the coast of Puerto Rico, it’s all business as she manages strict schedules, large crews, and endlessly complex details.

A wedding planner with a feisty personality and a “get it done” attitude, she is a bride’s only hope to having the perfect dream wedding. Sandy and her small “Weddings in Vieques” team, including her husband, SWAT team commander-turned-wedding-staffer Bill, must rely on vendors who set their watches to the unpredictable and usually lackadaisical “Island Time,” while praying for the mercy of not only Mother Nature, but often her demanding brides-to-be, who will stop at nothing to see their dream day become reality.

Each week, Sandy tries to pull off the impossible for two couples, sometimes on the same day. Whether she’s scrambling for limited supplies, rushing bridesmaids to the emergency room, ordering dramatic last-minute helicopter arrivals, or designing intricate parade floats, Sandy and team never rest until each and every couple gets the wedding of their dreams.

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