Kristin Scott Thomas, Sam Rockwell and Ciara rewind from Late Night (VIDEOS)

Rewind from NBC as Kristin Scott Thomas, Sam Rockwell and musical guest Ciara featuring Future stopped by Late Night.

And don’t miss Rockwell’s improv dancing skills, plus a video from Ricky Gervais that has Jimmy especially outraged.



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Kristin Scott Thomas Has History with Prince

Jimmy and Kristin trade stories about their encounters with the legendary musician Prince.

Kristin Scott Thomas on "Only God Forgives" Kristin tells Jimmy about playing the cruel mother of Ryan Gosling's character in the new movie "Only God Forgives." Sam Rockwell Cleans Up His Nose Hair

After Jimmy helps Sam with a nose hair problem, the two talk about Sam's new film "The Way, Way Back." Improv Dance with Sam Rockwell

Jimmy and Sam take turns creating moves for fake dances including "The Sassy Lasso" and "The Itch On My Back I Can't Reach." Night News Now with Sam Rockwell

Jimmy and his news team cover the biggest stories including an opposite day crime report. David Brent Guitar Lesson Video Angers Jimmy

Jimmy takes issue with a recent installment of David Brent's guitar lesson video series and shows the tape. Ciara ft. Future:

Body Party Ciara and Future perform her new song "Body Party" with a little help from The Roots.

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