Marc Maron's cats are famous, previews for this Friday! (VIDEOS)

Marc Maron's feisty felines have more clout than the average working actor.

Today released the world's first “Pod Cats” series, an all-new podcast from the perspective of Marc Maron's beloved cats. 

From IFC

Monkey (Eddie Pepitone), Boomer (Sean Conroy) and La Fonda (Amber Kenny) lend their voices to spill the dirt on all the heavy petting of guest stars on the set of Marc's new show on IFC, being replaced by Hollywood cats and how it really feels to have Marc as your master

. The remaining two "Pod Cats" will be posted on Monday, May 20 and Monday, May 27. "Pod Cats" is an EarWolf Media Productions for IFC. 

Also, catch a sneak peek from this week’s new episode of Maron, airing Friday, May 17 at 10pm ET on IFC. In this new clip, Marc becomes increasingly mortified when his dad Larry (Judd Hirsh) barges into the garage during his podcast interview with Jeff Garlin with a hair brained get rich quick scheme to hock vitamins:

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