NBC kills 'Whitney, 1600 Penn,' adds another comedy

NBC has announced the cancellation of the low-rated sitcoms “Guys With Kids,” “Whitney,” “1600 Penn” and “Up All Night.”

“Guys With Kids” generated mediocre ratings despite being produced by popular Jimmy Fallon. “Whitney" died on the vine.

New comedies include “Undateable,” from Warner Bros. TV and showrunner Bill Lawrence and writer Adam Sztykiel, and revolves around a group of romantically challenged friends according to Variety.

from NBC


Slacker Danny Beeman (Chris D’Elia) takes Justin (comedian Brent Morin) on as a roommate, Danny unwittingly inherits Justin’s group of romantically challenged friends. A self-fancied player, Danny decides to teach the crew (“The Undateables”) everything he knows about “the game of love.”

From the executive producers of “Cougar Town” comes a hilarious new comedy about the “do’s,” “don’ts” and “duhs” of dating.


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