Animal Planet's 'Pit Boss' stars release EP for the dogs (VIDEO)

We love Animal Planet series "Pit Boss" and the stars Sebastian Saraceno and Ronald Clark. The series is a docu-drama that follows Shorty Rossi, owner of Shorty's Rescue, an organization devoted to pit bull rescue.

Well, Sebastian Saraceno and Ronald Clark from the show have collaborated with indie rock band Post Trauma to release their debut EP "Risen."

“Risen” will be released on June 1st and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to dog charities and rescues.  Dogs in need will benefit if you buy and spread the word to others!

The decision to donate part of the proceeds to charity was easy; as Sebastian shares:  “Working on the show 'Pit Boss,' I saw how important it is to not waste life.  That is the reason behind our efforts to donate a portion of the proceeds to animal rescues, because those animals that are considered a 'waste' of someone’s time and resources, could make the biggest difference in someone’s life as a good companion and possibly family member.”

Earlier this year, they released the titular single, "Risen;"  co-written by Sebastian and Ronald, and produced by Billy Ulrich from the band Post Trauma; the single was performed on the hit television show "Pit Boss" on March, 2013 to rave fan reviews. 

The single is available on iTunes and Amazon and the full EP, also titled "RISEN," is available on June 1st!!


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