SYFY: Haunted Collector, Deep South Paranormal, WH13 previews (VIDEOS)

Tune in alert for Syfy’s Wednesday Night Originals!

First, check out a sneak peek of Haunted Collector in addition to a clip from last week. You’ll also find a release below detailing tomorrow’s exciting episode in Orson Welles’ home.

You can also see a promo clip, in addition to cast reactions and bonus clip for Deep South Paranormal. Tomorrow, the gang investigates an Alabaman ghost town.

Haunted Collector—Airs Wednesdays at 9/8c.

On this episode of Haunted Collector, John Zaffis and the crew fly to California to investigate a Hollywood Hills home once occupied by movie legend Orson Welles. Next up, the team heads north to the Fallon Hotel in Columbia, California where spirits seem to target women.

M is for Murder? – Clip SUMMARY: Loud noises lead Brian and Jesslyn back to the old freezer in The Club.

Deep South Paranormal—Airs Wednesdays at 10/9c. The Good, The Bad And the Ghostly – Promo Clip SUMMARY: Will one of the team members sealing themselves in a coffin stop three brothers from haunting a ghost town?


Palmer House – Cast Reactions SUMMARY: The cast reflects on their most memorable moments of Episode 4.


Best Lines: Episode 4 – Bonus Clip SUMMARY: What were the most memorable lines from Episode 4?


Eminent paranormal expert John Zaffis, host of Syfy’s popular series Haunted Collecter, travels to Hollywood to investigate ghostly disturbances in the grand home where legendary film director Orson Welles once lived. The episode premieres on Syfy Wednesday, May 8 at 9PM (ET/PT).

As Zaffis and the team learn, odd paranormal events began when home owner Joe Liebke first screened the Welles’ classic Citizen Kane --- considered by many experts the greatest movie ever made – for friends. All was well until the television began flickering, followed by a complete loss of power throughout the house – the only home to mysteriously go dark while electricity in the rest of the neighborhood remained on.

Following this incident, there was a steady escalation in unexplained activity, including a moving shadow figure that has unlocked a dead-bolt right before his eyes, phantom footsteps and bizarre electrical outages.

Academy Award-winning musician Paul Williams, who once lived in the house, appears in the episode.


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