ENCORE June 2013 Programming Highlights

The whole magilla is here from ENCORE, as the network has tasty programming planned for June, kicking off summer in a big way.

The June 2013 programming roundup for all ENCORE channels include an ENCORE special presentation of the second season premiere of STARZ’ (ENCORE’s sister network) Golden Globe® nominated original series, “Magic City,” created by Mitch Glazer and starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Danny Huston and Olga Kurylenko.

Seriously, if you have not seen "Magic City," do NOT miss it. It's fantastic storytelling told by a showrunner who lived the era and gives the entire production meticulous love and attention to detail. From wardrobe to production design, it's one of our top TV picks.

ENCORE will premiere the miniseries “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” (starring Michael Caine and Patrick Dempsey) and “Scruples” (starring Lindsay Wagner and Barry Bostwick), part of ENCORE’s “The Big Miniseries Showcase.” The Emmy® Award nominated “Aftershock: Earthquake in New York,” (starring Tom Skeritt, Sharon Lawrence and Charles Dutton), “Stranded” (starring Liam Cunningham) and “Snow Queen” (starring Bridget Fonda), will also air throughout the month.

The Encore Spotlight on Kurt Russell will feature fan-favorite performances in Tequila Sunrise, Tango & Cash Miracle, Touchback, Stargate and more. Relive the terror through the entire Jurassic Park Trilogy, featuring Jurassic Park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III.

Prepare for battle with ENCORE Action’s “Summer Action Figure Movie Wars” featuring fanboy favorites The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Excalibur, Darkman, Kill Bill: Vol 2, Blade, Legend and more.

Spend Father’s Day with ENCORE FAMILY’s “Mr. Mom Father’s Day Marathon” (yasss! Michael Keaton before his serious Batman phase) and get your laugh on Sunday Family Theater’s “Summer Laughs” showcasing The Smurfs; Dennis the Menace Strikes Back; Double, Double Toil and Trouble; Fishtales and Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach.

ENCORE WESTERNS’ “Six-Gun Salute” pays homage to Eddie Dean with classic performances in Down Missouri Way, Shadow Valley, Wild Country, Tornado Range, Check Your Guns and more.

RETROplex celebrates “A Quarter Century of Classics” with films such as Cape Fear, Charade, The Pink Panther, The Rare Breed, Return of the Seven, Elvis Presley’s Clambake, Night of the Living Dead, Sam Whiskey, Raid on Rommel, Play Misty for Me and more. The “Saturday Night Gunfight” also showcases classic TV and film Westerns such as back-to-back episodes of “Lawman” and “Cimarron Strip.”

Visit distant lands with INDIEplex’s collection of foreign films including Chambermaid on the Titanic, The Damned United, Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles and Roman De Gare.

June 2013 Programming Round Up

(All Times are ET/PT and Subject to Change)

ENCORE SPOTLIGHT: Kurt Russell – Saturday, June 1st beginning at 3:30pm

3:30pm           Miracle            

5:40pm           Touchback     

8:00pm           Tequila Sunrise

10:00pm         Tango & Cash          

11:45pm         Stargate         

Jurassic Park Trilogy on ENCORE – Tuesday, June 4th beginning at 5:50pm

5:50pm           Jurassic Park                                              

8:00pm           The Lost World: Jurassic Park                 

10:15pm         Jurassic Park III                                          

STARZ Original series “Magic City” – Season Two Premiere on ENCORE

Saturday, June 15th at 9pm
ENCORE will air the first episode of season two of its sister network’s – STARZ’ – newest Original series, “Magic City” at 9pm on Saturday, June 15th.

ENCORE’s The Big Miniseries Showcase

“The Big Miniseries Showcase” is a premier programming destination of classic and fan favorite miniseries, each week.

NEtwork Premiere: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Sunday, June 2nd at 10am

Ships are being mysteriously destroyed on the high seas - is an unknown sea creature wreaking havoc or is a man-made machine behind the sinking? A young scientist and crew set out to solve the mystery. Starring Michael Caine, Patrick Dempsey and Mia Sara.

Aftershock: Earthquake in N.Y.

Sunday, June 9th at 10am

The Big Apple becomes a nightmare of horror and destruction as a massive earthquake rocks the city. Nominated for an Emmy® Award, this miniseries stars Tom Skeritt, Sharon Lawrence and Charles Dutton.


Sunday, June 16th at 10am        

Starring Liam Cunningham, Brana Bajic, and Roger Allam, this is the miniseries version of the classic adventure novel, “The Swiss Family Robinson.” The story chronicles the adventures of a family washed up on the shores of a remote Pacific island after a shipwreck, who must forge a new life away from civilization.

Snow Queen

Sunday, June 23rd at 10am        

Starring Bridget Fonda and Jeremy Guilbaut, the two-part miniseries illustrates the journey of the icy, evil, alluring Snow Queen who arrives at a remote alpine inn, determined to deny young Gerda any chance at love. The Queen kidnaps her beau Kai, setting Gerda on a journey through fantasy lands in a bid to save the soul of the man she loves.

NEtwork Premiere: Scruples

Monday June 24th at 8pm (Parts 1 and 2)

Tuesday June 25that 8pm (Part 3)

Followed by a back-to-back marathon on Sunday, June 30th

The soap-operatic story follows the fortunes of three ambitious youngish people: Billy, secretary and then wife to an older zillionaire, whose death frees Billy to start up a Beverly Hills boutique ("Scruples") and to pursue the pretentious and manly but commercially woebegone film director Vito Orsini. Meanwhile, Valentine, a French would-be fashion designer, and Spider, a parking lot attendant/photographer/stud, struggle up the ladder, become buddies and put off a romance that seems inevitable despite their difference in height. After Valentine and Spider become Billy's employees, they team up to navigate a number of speed bumps on the road to happiness. Starring Lindsay Wagner, Barry Bostwick, Marie-France Pisier and Efrem Zimbalist Jr.

ENCORE WESTERNS: All Western all the time

Six Gun Salute: Eddie Dean – Sunday, June 22nd beginning at 7:30am

7:30am           Down Missouri Way

8:50am           Colorado Serenade

10:00am         Driftin’ River

11:00am         Romance of the West

12:00pm         Stars Over Texas

1:00pm           Tumbleweed Trail

2:00pm           Wild Country

3:00pm           Black Hills

4:00pm           Range Beyond the Blue

5:00pm           Shadow Valley

6:00pm           West to Glory

7:00pm           Check Your Guns

8:00pm           The Hawk of Powder River

9:00pm           The Tioga Kid

10:00pm         Tornado Range

11:00pm         The Westward Trail

ENCORE ACTION: Movies that deliver a turbo-charged adrenaline rush every time you watch.

Summer Action Figure Movie Wars – Saturday Nights at 10pm

Pick your favorites and prepare to battle! Catch a double feature face-off every Saturday night.

June 1            The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, followed by Excalibur

(King Aragorn vs. King Arthur)

June 8            Jurassic Park, followed by Dante’s Peak (T-Rex vs. Dante’s Peak)

June 15         The Shadow, followed by Darkman (Shadow vs. Darkman)

June 22         Kill Bill: Vol 2, followed by Blade (The Bride vs. Blade)

June 29         Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, followed by Legend (Liu Kang vs. Darkness)

ENCORE FAMILY: A truly safe destination & enjoyable choice of mainstream movie favorites.

Sunday Family Theater: “Summer Laughs” – Sunday Nights at 7pm

June 2            The Smurfs

June 9            Dennis the Menace Strikes Back

June 16         Double, Double Toil and Trouble

June 23         Fishtales

June 30         Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach

Mr. Mom Father’s Day Marathon – All day Marathon

Sunday, June 16th beginning at 9am – 7pm

Spend Father’s Day with the greatest Dad movie of all-time!


Retro Essentials: A Quarter Century of Classics – Double Feature

Sunday Nights beginning at 8pm

June 2            Cape Fear, followed by Charade

June 9            The Pink Panther, followed by The Rare Breed

June 16         Return of the Seven, followed by Clambake

June 23         Night of the Living Dead, followed by Sam Whiskey

June 30         Raid on Rommel, followed by Play Misty for Me

Saturday Night Gunfight – Saturday Nights beginning at 8pm

Classic TV Westerns on Saturday Nights, starting with episodes of Lawman at 8pm and Cimarron Strip at 9pm, followed by a classic Western film.

June 1               8:00pm        Lawman (episode)

   9:00pm        Cimarron Strip (episode)

10:15pm        Bullet for a Badman (film)

June 9               8:00pm        Lawman (episode)

   9:00pm        Cimarron Strip (episode)

10:15pm        San Antonio (film)

June 15            8:00pm        Lawman (episode)

   9:00pm        Cimarron Strip (episode)

10:15pm        Duck, You Sucker (film)

June 22            8:00pm        Lawman (episode)

   9:00pm        Cimarron Strip (episode)

10:15pm        Wild Rovers (film)

June 29            8:00pm        Lawman (episode)

   9:00pm        Cimarron Strip (episode)

10:15pm        The Virginian (film)

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