'Dance Moms' Recap: Season 3 Episode 18 “Candy Apple Showdown ”

Synopsis: Abby's girls compete with The Candy Apples in New York.  Later, Abby makes a surprise announcement that could forever change her dance company.
Let me start out by saying this mid-season action packed, drama filled episode is nothing what they said it was going to be....basically it’s a lot of middle aged women trying to take each other to task about stupid, pointless things like whose kid cries the most...or who's the biggest suck up, throw a little dancing into it ...some winners and losers and bam! That's it!
The girls are busy at work in the studio while Kelly and Christie take their girls on a couple different gigs in New York. Brooke was able to sing and perform her iTunes hit "Summer Love Song" while Chloe and Paige audition for a commercial. The Moms feel since Abby won’t advocate for their daughters they were going to be "Momagers" and get their girls "out there."
Back at rehearsal, Abby is giving Asia some notes about her solo called Robot. Also the girls rehearse their group number called the Runaways. Abby explains to the girls not only does the dance have to be perfect, but they are suppose to move the judges in such a way that they feel the impact and really send a message of how big of a problem this is.
With all the Moms back in the chatter box, everyone is talking about different things when - for whatever reason - the subject of Asia crying at rehearsal is brought up. Kristie (Asia's Mom) says her daughter is strong enough to handle the pressure and she doesn't cry, but the Mom's seem to think differently.

Asia's Mom then states that she thinks all the other Moms are HUGE complainers and negative about everything. Well, they all had much to say about that as names were called, accusations flew and a physical fight almost broke out, but then they composed themselves as ladies...yeah?
Over on the other side of town, the Candy Apples are working hard on their group number Day of the Dead with their new dancer Victoria. While deep into rehearsal Cathy and their hired choreographer Anthony get into a heated argument about giving advice while in the middle of his creative flow (really?)...but it doesn't stop there. Anthony came down hard on Jalen because he wanted him to finish the dance properly. Jalen's Dad felt he was coming down on him too harshly and everyone decided to call it a day and do something fun.
The day of the competitions is upon us, and everyone had their game faces on.  Solos are up first, and before leaving the room, Abby tells the girls "don’t regret your performance."
Asia was up first, pulling first place in mini solo and was able to tighten up her moves. Maddie, Chloe and Kendell go head-to-head, receiving 1st was Maddie 3rd, Chloe, and 4th was Kendell...pulling the second place win was Zach from Candy Apples. Abby was pleased with all performances, especially Kendell, saying she proved herself a contender with the other girls, she just needs to be stronger and not so sensitive.
When it comes to group numbers, The Candy Apples blew Abby’s studio out of the water taking 1st place to ALDC 2nd....that being said, Cathy - the owner and "choreographer" - really had nothing to do with it. She pulled kids from other studios and brought in a guest choreographer, so she really didn't win on a level playing field.
This mid-season finale has come to an end with a big surprise that Abby drops on the girls and Moms, she is looking for property in Los Angeles for a new studio.

Does this mean Abby is moving? You will just have to wait and see!!!

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