TV5MONDE USA: May Brings Films of Discovery

Tune in alert for self-discovery and surprise revelations abound in May with TV5MONDE USA.


May 15, 1:05pm EDT / 10:05am PDT

Two-time César award (Girl on the Bridge, Jean de Florette), Cannes Film Festival (The Eighth Day) and BAFTA Film Award (Jean de Florette) winner Daniel Auteuil is the focal point of this documentary about self-discovery. Over his forty-year career, Daniel Auteuil has played a thousand roles, including the under-gifted Bebel, for Claude Zidi; Scapin, for Jean-Pierre Vincent; and Ugolin, for Claude Berri. At age 63, after recognizing all of his success, the actor admits he wants to talk a little bit about himself after spending his life hiding behind characters.

Directed by: Cédric Melon, Pierre Chassagnieux (France, 2012)


May 17, 1:30am EDT / 10:30pm PDT

Three-time Cannes (The Lacemaker, The Invitation) and Berlin International Film Festival (La provinciale) winning director Claude Goretta takes us to Geneva in this comedy about Rémy (Michel Robin, Amélie), a bachelor and humble office worker who inherits a splendid estate. What better way to celebrate his new inheritance than throwing a party with his managers and colleagues? For better or worse – with the help of some liquid courage – the masks fall...

Awards: Cannes Prix du Jury (1973) and Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Film (1974).


May 23, 8:30pm EDT / 5:30pm PDT

Krzysztof Kieslowski, Oscar-nominated (Three Colors: Red), two-time Cannes Film Festival (The Double Life of Veronique, A Short Film About Killing) and two-time Berlin International Film Festival (Three Colors: White, Camera Buff) winning director, delights with this dramedy about two little girls born in two different cities in France and Poland with more than just ONE thing in common. Irène Jacob, Cannes film Festival winner for best actress (The Double Life of Veronique), stars as Veronique – their families have never met, and yet the two girls are identical: left-handed, wonderful singing-voices, the same hard-to-detect heart defect. One of them will benefit from the wisdom and experience of the other without knowing it...

Awards: Best female performance, Prix Fipreci, Ecumenical jury prize (Cannes, 1991), nominations (César, 1992)

EMMA (2011)


May 10, 8:30pm EDT / 5:30pm PDT

May 11, 3:30pm EDT / 12:30pm PDT

Rebecca Marder (La Rochelle Film Festival winner for best young actress) plays Emma in this drama about adolescent curiosity. She spends her summer holidays with her father, her mother-in-law and her half-sister, Lola. At age 16, she is quiet, tormented and continually anxious. This summer, not only is she tormented by her own thoughts – but the arrival of her half brother Jérôme and a strange and elusive boy Vincent have her itching for answers.

Directed by: Alain Tasma (France, 2011)


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