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Discovery Channel primetime spotlight: April 10- April 24 schedule

By April Neale Apr 10, 2013, 4:53 GMT

Discovery Channel primetime spotlight: April 10- April  24 schedule

Mutiny on the Bering Sea: While the veteran Captains of the iconic crabbing fleet prep for another dramatic danger packed season, the young guns on board seek opportunity to make a name for themselves.

Below is the latest schedule from Discovery for the programming for April 10 to April 24, 2013.

Discovery Channel Primetime Spotlight


YUKON MEN season finale airs on Friday, April 12 at 9PM ET/PT

Dead of Winter: It's the final hours before the cold, dark days of the Alaskan winter set in, and the residents of Tanana are scrambling to prepare.  Charlie is determined to kill a moose to last his family through the winter, but an emergency in Tanana causes him to lose precious hunting time. 

Stan and Joey have been hunting for over a week with nothing to show for it, and if the season ends before they bag an animal their freezers will be bare.  The Moores are desperate to get their dog breeding business ready for the dead of winter, but Courtney's health problems are keeping her from her duties.  James is forced to fill his wood orders on his dogsled after Francis destroys his snow machine. 

NAKED CASTAWAY special premieres on Sunday, April 14 at 8PM ET/PT followed by new episodes airing at 9PM ET/PT and 10PM ET/PT.

Ed Stafford undertakes an extreme survival challenge as he washes up naked and alone on a desert island, Olorua, south east of Fiji.  He has only his brain, bare hands and a camera to keep him alive. He'll take no food, water, clothes, knife or tools, so from the moment he arrives he is on a race to stay alive. As man can only last three days without water and three weeks without food, Ed will attempt to survive on the island physically and mentally, for 60 days.

OVERHAULIN season premieres on Monday, April 15 at 9PM ET/PT

That’s All, Volks!: Like all VW fanatics, Hot Dog Fred has nothing but love for his old Volkswagon Microbus.  But after Chip and the A-Team work their magic, he may just fall in love all over again.

DEADLIEST CATCH season 9 premieres on Tuesday, April 16 at 9PM ET/PT

Mutiny on the Bering Sea: While the veteran Captains of the iconic crabbing fleet prep for another dramatic danger packed season, the young guns on board seek opportunity to make a name for themselves. 

Breaking onto the scene this year are two new boats: the Saga with former Rambling Rose Skipper Elliot Neese at the helm. and the Cape Caution, run by former Kodiak Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski.  On the Northwestern, deck boss Edgar Hansen’s ongoing desire to run the boat causes Sig to set him straight. Every ship in the fleet is looking to make a comeback in the king crab season, but it won’t be easy for any of them. 

SONS OF GUNS season premieres on Friday, April 19 at 9PM ET/PT

Under Siege: A hurricane isn’t the only thing brewing in this season's premiere. A blacklisted visitor shows up mid storm.  An important order's mishandling wreaks havoc on the shop; meanwhile the largest weapon in Red Jacket history may also prove to be the deadliest.

ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN REVISITED 2-hour special premieres on Sunday, April 21 at 8PM ET/PT

A landmark television event looking back at Watergate - the original game changer of American politics. More than 40 years after a bungled burglary brought a beleaguered presidency down and the term "Watergate" into the national lexicon, Robert Redford returns to the scandal that broke all the rules of press and politics, brought down a President and forever changed the country.

BACKYARD OIL series premieres on Tuesday, April 23 at 10PM ET/PT followed by a new episode airing at 10:30PM ET/PT.

10PM ET/PT – Barons of the Backyard: Down in south central Kentucky-- oil’s a booming, and a gaggle of Back Yard Oil Barons are clamoring for the next big strike! Local gospel singer Christie Keltner-- nicknamed Dolly Parton, Jr.-- had a dream that God told her she had oil on her land. Christie puts her mineral rights up for auction and a bidding frenzy ensues! High Roller Jimmy Reliford wins the lease, and chases Christie’s dream: striking a divine river of oil that’ll make you rich, dagnabit! Meanwhile, wildcat driller Travis Coomer’s been high-hoggin on a $200,000/month well pumping from his own backyard! But Travis decides to go for broke-- literally-- by prospecting a second well on his land. If he hits, his income could skyrocket into the millions, but if he doesn’t, the new well could rupture a gas pocket and deplete what he’s already got. It’s a huge risk, but that’s how the Backyard Oil Barons roll: if it don’t pan out, tomorrow’s another day. If it does, well then you just became a millionaire!

10:30PM ET/PT – A Big Oil Man Witch: Dan and Ken Page have new clients; married dentists from Florida who hope for oil on their land. The wife is a world squat thrust champion! To find the best drill spot, Ken calls in Herb, a twin-toed warlock who uses a forked stick to hunt oil. With a warlock approved spot selected, they fire up the rig and go for glory. Meanwhile, Coomer’s acquired a lease that’s sitting on what could be $20 million worth of oil. Drilling begins, but Travis’ crew encounters a series of setbacks that tests Coomer’s patience as he crosses his fingers for what would be a life-changing oil strike.


Thursday, April 11


9PM ET/PT –Evil Knievel Cape, Vintage Phone Booth: This week at Gallery 63, A signed Evel Knievel cape and photos jumps on to the auction block; an antique Heberlein violin looks to make sweet music at auction; and a vintage phone booth dials the Gallery 63 crew into some old school fun.

9:30PM ET/PT – Clay Walker Visits Gallery 63: Country music superstar Clay Walker, visits to auction off a selection of his personal items to raise money and awareness for his organization Band Against MS.  Also, a seller brings in a vintage game caller that he claims can attract a variety of wild animals, including crows

Thursday, April 18


9PM ET/PT – Massage-A-Belt, Oversized Haberdashery: This week at Gallery 63, a turn-of-the-century haberdashery is delivered for auction; a Massage-A-Belt exercise machine shakes up the crew and hopefully brings some bids; and Paul hopes a vintage Gulf Oil drum – drums up bids at auction!

9:30PM ET/PT – MJ’s “Thriller” Award, Hungarian Pannonia Motorcycle: This week at Gallery 63, a rare Pannonia motorcycle hopes to rev up the Gallery 63 crowd.  An old school 1930s classroom printer is auctioned off.  And a Michael Jackson “Thriller” sales award makes it to the block in hopes of thrilling the crowd.

Monday, April 22


SEMA – Radical Roadster: In the midst of SEMA - the world's biggest car show - Chip Foose and the A-Team tackle their most outrageous build yet; turning a mid-50's dog of a car into a 21st century instant superstar.

Tuesday, April 23


Dagger in the Back: Its cloak and dagger time on the Bering Sea as Keith and Junior form a covert alliance. The Northwestern knocks out their rocky string but then faces a surprise challenge. A father nearly takes out his son on the Cape Caution. And Elliot finally debuts his new boat on the dangerous blue crab grounds.


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