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Omarosa in tears over Michael Clarke Duncan - on The Jeff Probst Show (VIDEO)

By April Neale Apr 1, 2013, 18:10 GMT

Omarosa in tears over Michael Clarke Duncan - on The Jeff Probst Show (VIDEO)

Happier days for Omarosa, here with her love, the late Michael Clarke Duncan. © Tina Gill / PR Photos

Celebrity Apprentice's recently fired player Omarosa Manigault opens up about the tragic loss of her fiancé, actor Michael Clarke Duncan and the difficulty of mourning while in the spotlight, on The Jeff Probst Show, Friday, March 29 (check local listings in your area).

In the interview with host Jeff Probst and special guest host Yvette Nicole Brown (NBC's "Community"), Omarosa also talks about her difficult childhood and becoming a reality TV favorite, including the new season of NBC's "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice," noting that she is the only person to compete on the show three times.

She also minces no words when asked about her public feud with fellow "Apprentice" contestant Piers Morgan. "He's obsessed, it's kinda creepy. You've gotta admit, every single line, every question was about Omarosa; that's obsessive."  

When asked if she sparked the feud, she responds, "Well, I did talk about his sexuality. And his bad clothes, and his dental work, and his body odor. Okay you're right, I did help spark it."

In a more serious moment, Omarosa reflects to Jeff and Yvette about dealing with the loss of her fiancé: "It's only by the grace of God that I make it through the day...I just miss him so much, every single day...I still live in our house, his toothbrush is still there, his clothes are still on the back of the chair; I just live with his presence." 

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