Omarosa-Piers feud ends? Celebrity Apprentice says goodbye to polarizing player

There's only one thing British editor-turned-reality TV star-turned CNN journalist Piers Morgan hates more than 'Amurricans' with guns, it's his nemesis from years past, Omarosa, who put "Celebrity Apprentice" on the map for NBC.

Last night winter was returning to Winterfell on HBO, and Andrea was killed off AMC's The Walking Dead, but even more shocking? Omarosa was actually fired from the reality competition that takes celebs head to head for "charity."

Drama is de rigeur for every episode of "The Celebrity Apprentice", and last night an intense screaming match between Omarosa and Dennis Rodman took center stage as they were brought back to the boardroom by their captain Lil Jon.  Their team lost the challenge where they were asked to create a three-dimensional art each and sell it at a gallery display.

Team Plan B raised $225,000 ad was led by Lisa Rinna. Team Power had Trace Adkins on their side, but only collected $179,500.

Lil Jon previously warned his team that the low ballers who raised the least amount of money would face the judges for elimination. Omarosa and Rodman filled this loser slot, with $12K and $10K respectively, but Rodman, our North Korean diplomat, insisted he went to the wall in creating his own art piece, and getting Derek Jeter to donate a signed bat which brought in $50,000.

Omarosa goes for Lil Jon, before lasering in on Rodman.

Trump breaks it up and sends Omarosa packing. "I adore you. We've had tremendous success together. You helped make the 'Apprentice'. You helped to make me a star," the head judge of the reality game show said to the former contestant on the original (pre Celebrity) version of "The Apprentice".

Last season's champ Piers Morgan even says, "I'll miss you, Omarosa."


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