Comedy Central tonight: Workaholics, Ben Show, Walsh Brothers (VIDEOS)

Tune in tonight on Comedy Central: The Season Finale of "Workaholics" and a Sneak Peek of "The Ben Show with Ben Hoffman."

Tonight on the season finale of “Workaholics” at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT, Alice introduces an automated calling system and Blake imagines a future where the machines have taken over.

Trailer - The Future is Gnar

In the year 2014, telemarketing as we know it comes to a horrific end.

 Following “Workaholics” is a sneak peek of “The Ben Show with Ben Hoffman” where

“Ben Has a Blind Date;” we hear from the “The Retweeter;” listen to more “YoBitchuaries” and songs from the “Barbershop Quartet;” plus Norm Macdonald makes a return appearance.


Not quite a sketch show, not quite a prank show, pure Walsh Brothers. The world has no idea what hit them.

In this episode, The Walsh Brothers give away reptiles to unsuspecting passers-by, and make new friends in the Tickle Car!


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