Clay eater finds 'instant gold' on TLC's 'My Strange Addiction' (VIDEO)

We try so hard to not judge on these TLC "My Strangest Addiction" episodes, but this one takes the Queen Helene Mint Mud Masque cake.

Meet Natasha, the next lovely on TLC's "My Strange Addiction" who has a rather colon cementing habit of eating clay facial masks. Can you imagine? She probably poops bricks.

"It tastes wonderful… I kind of go into the zone and savor that flavor of that earthiness," she says. Describing how it feels when she eats the masks, she raves calling it "instant gold" and even "orgasmic."

This cannot be good for your innards, right? Natasha has a weird blocky shaped mid-section too.

If after watching the video of Natasha sharing her strange addiction, you think you may have one of your own, go run to a therapist who maybe can help you. And stay out of my beauty cabinet!


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