Sean Hannity's journalism skills attacked by Congressman, (VIDEO)

No one has ever accused Sean Hannity of level and unemotional news coverage. Hannity's hallmark touch is feigned outrage and squirrel-like gnashing of teeth.

The best news clip of the week award goes to FOX as Hannity is dressed down by a politician who according to, may have topped the Piers Morgan - Alex Jones televised debacle.

Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota appeared on Sean Hannity's this past Tuesday, as he called the FOX News host "the worst excuse for a journalist I've ever seen."

Ellison accused Hannity of violating "every journalistic ethic I have ever heard of" and  "a shill for the Republican Party," and then Hannity had told him to "keep ranting." He did. For four more minutes.

Ellison was irate over Hannity playing a series of clips of President Obama with ominous music spliced in to the tape. Ellison said it amounted to "yellow journalism."

Watch the video:

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