Nat Geo week ahead: Alaska Pickers: Gold Rush & WWII Treasures and more!

Tune in alert for National Geographic Channel's week that ends in March.

Tonight catch Alaska Pickers: Gold Rush & WWII Treasures
Wednesday, February 27, at 11P ET/PT

Meet husband-and-wife team Kelly and Becky. They own an antique store in Anchorage and go on treasure hunts around Alaska to pick through junk, looking for one-of-a-kind items. With the long Alaskan winter around the corner, the race is on for them to supply their store. With parts of the state closer to Russia than the Lower 48, Alaska was a hub of military activity during the Cold War and the team is psyched to find old arcade games that used to keep soldiers' morale up.
Alaska Pickers: Junkyard Crazies
Wednesday, February 27, at 11:30P ET/PT

Kelly and Becky go on picks around Alaska, looking for antiques and hidden gems among the junk to supply their antique store.

This week, they meet some characters including Junkyard Dan and Sandpaper Pete, two men who may value junk more than Becky and Kelly. With a six-hour drive north to a junkyard, the pick better be worth the trip. They want Gold Rush artifacts and the always-popular military items. When Kelly falls for an old fixer-upper power wagon, will Becky put on the brakes or will Kelly win this one?

Lords of War: Field of Screams
Wednesday, February 27, at 10P ET/PT

Sean and the team are in Pasadena, Texas, to track down top-notch military pieces for their upcoming auction. Shooter comes across the Italian version of an M-14 and is thrilled when the seller agrees to let him test the Italian stallion out on the range. Later, Sean comes across a bag of Roman coins that the seller hopes is worth thousands. Hammer discovers a falchion sword that could be from the 13th century.
Lords of War: The Gun Sword
Wednesday, February 27, at 10:30P ET/PT

In Cape Coral, Fla., Sean and Hammer meet a seller who grew up playing with what could be a Spanish helmet from the 16th century. If it's the real deal, this man's childhood toy could be worth thousands of dollars! Then, Sean meets a veteran in possession of one of his favorite weapons: a Queen Anne flintlock pistol from the 18th century. A dual-purpose weapon, this Queen Anne could also be used as a sword during close encounters, and Sean's ready to put it to the test!

Highway Thru Hell: The Avalanche Zone
Thursday, February 28, at 8P ET/PT

A record-setting snowfall cripples several trailers on the Coquihalla Highway, and drivers are getting impatient. Some even get out of their cars, a foolish move in avalanche country. The highway is designed to wind around avalanche chutes, which divert the snow's path, but with stopped traffic blocking the road, stranded drivers are like sitting ducks. Putting his own life in jeopardy, Adam races to rescue a disabled semi at the top of the mountain. Just as he begins to free the big rig, a wave of snow comes crashing down!
Wicked Tuna: Sweet Smell of Revenge
Sunday, March 3, at 9P ET/PT

Old rivals try to settle scores while amateur fishermen are wreaking havoc. maintains a narrow lead in the race to catch the biggest bluefin, but has to relocate because of amateur boats getting too close. Kevin is none too pleased when a weekend warrior runs over his anchor line. With repairs required, he does his best to finish the day. Tyler gives his mates a week off but still heads out to pursue the chase; however, he encounters googans who slow him down and quickly frustrate him.
Mudcats: Cannibal Catfish
Sunday, March 3, at 10P ET/PT

It's week six of the competition and everyone is gunning to break Scooter's winning streak but the teams must go to extreme lengths to do so. Scooter knows his rivals are after him, so secrecy is more important than ever to keep his fishing holes to himself. Teddy is determined to make his mark on the hand-fishin' world but when he comes up with only dead fish, he realizes there's a cannibal on the loose and the Young Guns jump into action to track it down! But that means more danger than usual. With tricks up their sleeve, will the Mudcats end Scooter's winning streak?

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