Preview for FX's 'Legit,' best comedy on the air (VIDEO)

Why you should be tuning in to the best comedy on the air, FX's "Legit":

Jim Jefferies is hilarious, and the supporting cast is fecking brilliant:

Dan Bakkedahl, cast as Steve Nugent, Jim's best friend, kills it in every scene he's in. Loved his failed date in episode three and his plane phobia and inability to navigate the TSA in the "Anger" episode. He's the grease to Jefferies' fire.

DJ Qualls, cast as Billy Nugent, Steve's brother afflicted with a severe case of muscular dystrophy.  Qualls has one thing going for him, a massive c*ck! At least his mother Janice (Mindy Sterling) allowed him to live with the guys and try out some hookers before he is incapacitated by the relentless disease. Qualls is flat-out brilliant.

Mindy Sterling cast as Billy and Steve's mum, Janice. Genius role for this talented actress who plays it just right, hurting for her disabled son and able to whip out scathing Tiger Mom remarks to Jim Jefferies, who she begrudgingly allows to take Billy under his wing, along with her other son Steve.  I love her.

Sonya Eddy as Ramona, the home care nurse that Janice finds for Billy despite his protestations. She is take charge, all mouth and heart, working while taking care of aspiring comic Clay, her nephew from the 'hood who takes a shine to Jim and his standup career path. She also wields a mean head cuff. Perfect antidote to Jim Jefferies' Aussie sidewinder cracks that are comedy gold. Eddy is fearless and grabs every frame she is in.

Tune in for this week:

From FX:

After missing out on a role because of his weight, Jim turns to his good friend Andy Dick for some career advice, acting lessons and physical training. Jim ends up ruining the trainer.

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